Cartooning for charities

Making their debut this school year, Diamond Bar High School club Comics for Causes raised over $200 for Feeding America using artistic talents. 

With little opportunity for their particular visual art to be explored in an academically competitive environment such as DBHS, Comics for Causes strives to curate a place where students could have fun and pursue creativity, all while gaining fulfillment through helping others.

The club’s primary focus is to provide an open environment for students to draw comics, characters, and stories. Without any restrictions or deadlines for drawing comics, members can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of club meetings. When fundraising, the club sells small goods ranging from stickers to keychains of those designs illustrated by students.

 “Because our first charity art sale took place during the winter, we were inspired by the holiday season to support Feeding America,” junior club president Amber Yu said. “Feeding America dedicates itself to ending hunger in the U.S., and the generosity of its mission was relevant to the time of our art sale.” 

From Dec. 9 through 12, they sold a total of 80 stickers and 17 keychains. Through small events, the club was able to grow and provide more opportunities for its members.

“Eventually, we would like to host school-wide comic competitions to help raise money for charity and collaborate with volunteer clubs to spread more awareness about charities we support, as well as give exposure to the art of our talented members,” Yu said.

The club’s key goal is to show the world how impactful art can be. In just a few months, Comics for Causes has benefitted the DBHS community in a new and unique way. 

“If people have a story they want to tell, a place to relax,  or want to use their creativity to support charities, they are welcome at Comics for Causes,” Yu said.