Athlete of the Month: Henry Yang

Athlete of the Month: Henry Yang

Given his family’s background in golf, it was only fitting that senior Henry Yang would pursue the same sport.
As the youngest of three siblings, Yang grew up watching his elder brother and sisters prevail and find success within the sport. At five years old, Yang too took up the sport.

“I got into competitive golf at the age of seven when my parents decided to sign me up,” Yang said, “and I’ve been playing ever since.”

Since then Yang has acquired quite a resume, chief among his achievements was participation in the 2019 FCG Callaway Junior World Tournament. This feat was not accomplishable without some stumbles along the way.

“The most important lesson I’ve learned from golf is the idea of working smarter not harder,” Yang said.

With the upcoming boys golf season ahead, Yang is living by these words more than ever.

“I usually practice at Mountain Meadows [Golf Course],” Yang said. “My practice schedule typically consists of hitting 1-2 buckets a day doing a putting drill where I have to make 100 putts in a row and putting myself in awkward situations for chipping.”

Outside of golf, Yang also implements a workout schedule.
“I wake up at around 5:00 to 5:30 a.m. and go to the gym then go to school where I try to finish as much homework as possible during class,” Yang said.

This dedication has landed Yang a spot on Manhattan College’s golf team, to which the senior is committed following graduation. The geographical location of the school will also allow Yang to explore other lucrative and gratifying job opportunities along with an excellent education.

“I decided to commit to Manhattan because of the opportunity the coach gave me along with the opportunity coach [Prokop] gave me,” Yang said. “Being in NYC will also give me exposure in pursuing my modeling career.”