AOTM: Kelly Choi


Flying through the air, high above the ground, she sees a view nobody else does. Though it may seem impossible, for stunt team captain Kelly Choi, it is just another game. 

Despite this being her first year officially competing, Choi has been stunting since freshman year. 

She initially joined because she wanted to join a sport, and later found that cheer fit her personality well. 

“Ever since I was little, I was always bright and energized,” Choi said. “Cheer seemed perfect for me, for my energy and spirit.”

Even with all her passion, stunting isn’t always easy for Choi. Her biggest challenge was discouragement from failures and injuries. However, she does not let these setbacks stop her, motivated by the idea that it’s all worth it once she succeeds. 

Due to her extensive extracurricular involvements, time management was also a challenge for Choi. Although her commitments to band, orchestra and the performing arts academy made constant rehearsals overwhelming, she continued to push forward.

“I would be lying if I said the last four years have not been hard,” she said. “I think that’s what made it w, the challenges.”

Even when the road is bumpy, Choi always has her teammates to help support and motivate her. 

“Letting them down was something I never wanted to do,” she said. “[And that] really pushed me to do the best that I can.”

Choi rose to the occasion not as just a teammate, scoring against more experienced teams, but also as a captain. 

Her leadership and skills brought the team together to grow and improve.

“I had the goal of having a second family that I can always be there for,” Choi said. “I can’t ask for a better team than the amazing and talented girls this year.”

As a result of her dedication, Choi was chosen to be an All-American at their yearly summer camp after trying out.

“The skills that I have learned in cheer and stunt, such as tumbling and full ups, are some of the best accomplishments I have had,” Choi said. “Being a two year captain has improved me as a person and will always be one of my biggest accomplishments of high school.”

Even though her high school path is ending, the stunt captain’s cheer journey may be just beginning. 

She is already considering whether to continue practicing and improving her cheer skills at the collegial level.

“Continuing cheer in college is something I’m still deciding on,” Choi said. “I am definitely interested in doing so because it’s something that gives me stress relief and I genuinely feel so passionate about cheer and stunt.”