America’s next top star politician

If Chris Evans ran for president of the United States, there’s no doubt that he would win by a landslide. Afterall, celebrities are the most influential people on this rather large floating rock, their boundless talent making them the best and most qualified candidates for political office. 

While politicians often gain enough fame through their campaigns, they usually are corrupt, unconcerned and uncaring about the interests of the people in the way that real celebrities are. Take the comedian-turned-president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy, as an example. Who wouldn’t want a humorous president that’s struggling to fight against the Russians?

The list of celebrities who’ve willingly converted their professions to politics is endless. Arnold Schwarzenegger has quite a list of things he has been, so it only makes sense that he would add the position of governor of California to the list. And Kanye West ran for the 2020 presidential election, it was such a shocker that he didn’t win, even without extensive political knowledge.

Just as well, Donald Trump, the infamous orange-complexioned yet famous erstwhile president of the United States, was once the host and producer of many reality television shows. 

Clearly his personality was what Americans really needed, that extra dose of entertainment they lacked over the pandemic, especially when it involved such serious real world issues like international relations, public health and xenophobia. What a riot Trump was!

Frustratingly, some people may argue that celebrities are inexperienced in dealing with an entire country’s worth of issues, but those are just the haters. If the average citizen can become a person of rank in politics with just a simple campaign, how are celebrities any different? It isn’t like you’d need qualifications or any redeeming qualities to run for president anyways.

There’s nothing money can’t buy you in this world, including a brain large enough to contain all knowledge of political science. The perfect embodiment of this ideal is Trump’s ingenious idea to ward off illegal immigrants with a physical wall. 

What would the world look like if it were run by celebrities? Or perhaps, what if politicians followed social media trends in order to gain more followers? Imagine posters, billboards, signs in big letters spelling out “Vote Beyonce for President” or “BTS for Governor—Free Korean Barbeque on Sundays Guaranteed!”

The world would become much improved and more interesting if celebrities occupied the gleaming thrones of politics. It would certainly be much easier for them to come sit on those thrones, regardless.