A fresh open house for DB

Painted with smoke from food trucks, bustling crowds and loud chatter, the Diamond Bar High School 2023 Open House was the first in three years that wasn’t affected by the effects of the pandemic. 

Hosted on Jan. 26, the festivities lasted for around two hours, where parents, DBHS students and current eighth graders explored the campus and took part in everything the event had to offer.

Open House organizer Nicole Flores detailed some of the obstacles that came up when organizing the event.

 “I would say that the planning was impacted in some pretty significant ways because we had to think about the best way for things like parents being able to move around,” Flores said. “For example, we had to think about the upper campus and lower campus organization in the best way possible.” 

At 7 p.m Chinese students gave a performance in the foreign language buildings, singing the pop song “Love Confession” by Jay Chou. “There were so many parents and students watching us perform,” freshman Cynthia Liu said, a student who participated in the Chinese performance, said. “It was exhilarating and fun to be singing with so many other students.”  

After the Chinese students, the French students performed a short script about a French man making a baguette. Spanish students followed, singing “Cómo La Flor” and “Cielito Lindo,” and dancing, adding to the celebration in the foreign language buildings. 

Korean students finished the performances with a Korean dance, with some students in traditional Korean “hanbok,” long flowing formal attire. 

In addition to the foreign language celebrations, at the other side of the school, various students competed with each other through math problems. 

“I was really nervous for the competition as it was buzzer-style,” freshman Sabrina Wu said. “We competed against students from other classes to see who would win. I had a great time trying to work out the problems as fast as I could.”  

Many problems were pulled from the material the students had been learning thus far in the school year. 

“We had to solve many problems with other students our age. We were under time pressure too,” freshman Carol Yan said.

Many teachers had other events happening in their Open House celebrations. Biology teacher Diana Wai’s room was occupied with science experiments that audience members could be a part of. 

“We learned about DNA electrophoresis and how it’s used in forensics,” freshman Coco Wang said. “It was my first time seeing some of these experiments done in person instead of just being in a textbook.”