Mr. Poké Restaurant Review


Making the short drive over to Mr. Poké is definitely worth it. The nearby Hawaiian restaurant here in Diamond Bar – located at the corner of Golden Springs Dr and S Lemon Ave – has a delicious selection of poke bowls, sushi and ramen. Mr. Poké’s walls are crème white, decorated with pictures framed in a neutral color palette. Long and high ceiling lights give the restaurant a modern touch. I ordered the salmon spicy tuna bowl with white rice. The dish included salmon, crab, rice, wasabi, cucumber, edamame and ginger with a side of soup. My first bite was delicious.

I had never tried poke before, but I was really impressed with the quality of the fish. I’m not a big fan of fish, but I loved this spicy salmon. It was very fresh and very tasty. The spicy miso ramen was delicious as well, cleansing the palate with every bite from the poke bowl. The broth was nice and warm. It tasted spicy with a garlicky flavor that was also rich and silky.

The price for the three-scoop poke bowl is $15.75, and the five-scoop poke bowl is $18.75. The ramen also cost $15.75 as well. The customer service is amazing as well. The employees serving me were really nice, and the restaurant was extremely clean, neat and family-friendly too. The only negative thing to say is that the dishes can be more on the pricey side since the portions are not that big and didn’t quite fill me up as much as I thought they would. However, the food is definitely tasty; I just wish the portions were a bit larger. Since the ingredients were so fresh and delicious, I think it is ultimately worth paying a little more for such great quality.

I would definitely go to Mr. Poké again and highly recommend it for first-timers looking to try something new and delicious.