Twin alumni fulfilling their childhood dreams together

Alumni Cody & Matt Bredinge both reaching their childhood dreams working the USAF and at Disneyland

Juggling two jobs at once can be a daunting task—however, this isn’t the case for a certain set of twin Diamond Bar High School alumni. For them, taking on two jobs is just a way of pursuing their dreams.

To fulfill their childhood passions, class of 2017 graduates Matt and Cody Breidinger both work for the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and the Walt Disney Company at the same time. 

“I have wanted to join the USAF ever since I was a little kid. My grandpa was an Air Force pilot, and that made me want to fly,” Cody said via email. “It is a lot of work to manage both, but I always knew that I wanted to pursue a longer career at the Walt Disney Company. So I always put in the work to do both jobs.” 

The twins grew up in a family that had annual passholders for Disneyland, leading to one of their dreams of working there. Matt works as a lead guest show operator in Tomorrowland, tasked with working guest control. Additionally he also works in the racecar attraction Autopia, where he himself made fond memories as a kid.

“It’s magical to see little kids driving for the first time by themselves, knowing that I used to take great joy in that when I was little,” Matt said. “It’s just so much fun to be a part of that memory.”


The twins started working at the USAF at the same time, though Cody had started working at Disney for nearly a year before his brother. Cody has been working for the USAF since 2019 and the Walt Disney Company since 2017.  In the Air Force, he supervises the loading and unloading of cargo onto aircrafts.

“I am a loadmaster on C-17 cargo jets in the USAF and fly on jets with the pilots and take cargo of all types to every corner of the world,” Cody said. “At the Walt Disney Company, I am a stage manager for Attractions in Cars Land and Hollywood Land inside Disney California Adventure.”

Along with these other two careers, Cody is also attending college, a choice he said that he finds worthwhile despite the massive workload. He also said that it’s great working for the same companies as his brother, and that it’s amazing that they can both be successful in their work.

“It can be pretty difficult to do both jobs. There are some jobs in the USAF resources that have fewer requirements, but flying keeps you pretty busy,” Cody said. “And once I started pursuing a bigger career at Disney, that also took up a lot of time and energy. Throwing college in there leaves me with very little relaxation time. Doing all three has been extremely rewarding and provided me with a lot of good things.”