Summer 2021 Binge List


With summer vacation right around the corner, plenty of time will soon be available to binge-watch your way through shows. Selecting quality series to watch, however, can often prove to be a difficult and time-consuming task. Here are some recommendations to guide you in the right direction, reducing your decision-making time to give you more time to binge-watch.  


The Crown

Of the many digital stories portraying the British Royal family, none are quite as intriguing and enjoyable as Netflix’s “The Crown.” Turning back the clock to the end of King George VI’s reign in the mid 20th century, the show captures all facets of his successor, the current Queen Elizabeth, from being his eldest daughter, wife of a high-ranking naval officer and the present face of the English monarchy. With its precise depiction of the private nuances of the Royal family, clever humor and frighteningly accurate, or so it seems, portrayals of iconic figures in contemporary English history, the drama just keeps getting better with each episode, with its most recent fourth season dubbed by many as the series’s best yet. 

The Society

A modern twist on the classic legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies,” “The Society” captures the essence of the social cliques and hierarchies that exist within high school and the everyday world, as well as the worst of the inherent nature of man. Transported under mysterious circumstances to a replica of their hometown devoid of adults, a group of sheltered teenagers from a well-to-do New England town quickly find that life without parents or order can have devastating consequences.. Although the show only has one season, the eight episodes that are available on Netflix are perfect for those who enjoy cliffhangers and cynical shows.


Looking for Alaska
Based on John Green’s 2004 novel of the same name, the eight-episode miniseries makes for a perfect binge, appealing to viewers with its quirky and relatable indie characters, as well as elements that will make you reminiscent of your days at summer camp. For fans of the book, the show will not disappoint. This show adaptation is both nostalgic and a breath of fresh air; a refreshing take on the novel, but substantial enough for long-time fans of Green’s first published work to fall in love with the story all over again. 


Already garnering a cult following, this thriller series stands out for its dynamic characters and equally interesting plot. Following the story of an FBI agent and an internationally wanted criminal mastermind who form a mutually-beneficial relationship, the two parties work together to take down the world’s most dangerous offenders. With eight seasons available on most streaming networks, the show is as good of a distraction as it is long. While many shows tend to develop frustratingly similar plot patterns, “Blacklist” is an exception with eccentric, ever-changing character relationships that only add to its appeal.  

Carnival Row 

Amazon Studios have yet to produce a mediocre series, and “Carnival Row” is most definitely another must-watch. Drawing elements of Irish folklore, the show tells the story of a world where ethereal creatures co-exist with humans. A story of tragedy, loss and prejudice, this world is simultaneously fantastical and at the same time, extremely relatable to modern times, with the demonization of the unfamiliar playing a big part in its overall theme. This series is sure to please fans of Victorian-era shows, and while there is only one season as of right now, a second is expected to be released by early 2022.