Securing another victory


Splashing into a new season with a new coach, Diamond Bar High School boys water polo team has proved that the new experience is not a challenge that cannot be overcome with hard work and determination. 

Since former coach Gary Cheever left after the end of the boys’ 2021-2022 season, math teacher and swim coach Melanie Gonzalez took over as the girls water polo coach. Now, with the help of her assistant coaches, Gonzalez is expanding her expertise to the boys team as well.

The boys finished the previous season with a 14-19 overall and 4-2 league record. This season, the team had to adapt to playing with new members, without old ones and on top of all that, a new coach. Despite this, the team kicked off to a solid start with a 2-1 record. 

The team won their first game 15-11 against Chino but lost their second game against San Marino. However, they recovered with a victory in their third game against Ayala. However, the team still has areas in which they can improve, according to players.

“Our team as a whole is well-structured, but we just need a lot more practice and conditioning,” junior Jason Baik said about their performance in their past few games.

Throughout both games, Gonzalez noted that the team struggled with communication amongst one another while making both offensive and defensive plays. 

The team looks to improve on these aspects through further training and drills during both practices and games. However, the boys also seek to play to their strengths, including their solid foundation in their players’ skills and diversity, a balance of left- and right-handed players, a good future due to an abundance of young players, and a close-knit bond between the team.