New USB e-board members selected

Revamping the yearly tradition of campaigning for executive board positions, members of Diamond Bar High School’s United Student Body recently finished campaigning with a plethora of unique approaches.

Results for the E-board of the 2023-2024 term were released on Tuesday, Oct. 11, with Clair Kim elected as President, Chenfei Wang elected as Vice President, Alice Kim as IOC Representative, Melody Gao as Speaker of the House, Emily Lee as Secretary, and Angelina Kim as Finance Director.

Though technically any junior can run for an E-board position on USB, this year’s candidate pool consisted solely of previous members of the student government. To add more to the mix, many of the candidates were close friends with one another.

“I think the feeling was the same as if I were running with someone I didn’t know,” Vice President Chenfei Wang said. “It didn’t make a difference because I was clear on what I wanted my end goal to be. There was also no conflict between us and I’m really grateful for that.”

Many campaigns this year incorporated themes throughout various flyers, promotional videos, and advertising methods. For instance, president Clair Kim used a rhyme on her name to create the “Clair Bear” persona.

“I feel like it made the voting process a lot easier for students and made the campaign more memorable,” she said.

Her theme was also reflected throughout her campaign, including in her promotional campaign video—which featured footage of bears throughout—and in her physical promotion process, during which she donned a bear onesie to create a lasting impression on prospective voters.

On a different note, Wang based her campaign around Spotify and music, including flyers posted around the school reflecting the style of Spotify’s annual “Spotify Wrapped” graphics, and a large poster displayed over the lunch area that used a play on Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” album cover, with the word “VOTE.” written over it.

“When I was brainstorming, I wanted my campaign to be both relevant and versatile to appeal to the teenage student body,” Wang said.

Besides the implementation of themes in campaigns, other prominent techniques used for promotion were cardboard cutouts, sunglasses, and small gift handouts distributed to people, including rubber band bracelets and leis.

IOC Representative Alice Kim and Finance Director Angelina Kim both used cardboard cutouts with promotional material displayed over them to publicize their candidacies. Students would take pictures with these cutouts and make appearances on their social media accounts, displaying their support for the campaigns.  

Wang distributed sunglasses with “CHEN 4 VP” written over the lenses, again uploading pictures of people wearing these glasses to social media.  

According to Wang, the E-board has high hopes for the upcoming school year. They strive to unite the student body with more spirit using inclusive and fun activities.