New officers for a new school year


Class officers Matt Villagracia, Adam Siu, Isaac Yu, Sarena Wu, Joshua Wu want to make their class’s first year memorable.

After putting up countless posters on campus walls and campaigning to their classmates, Diamond Bar High School class elections were decided. Class officer results for the class of 2026 officers, as well as positions for 2025 and 2023, have been announced late September.

For the class of 2026, Isaac Yu was elected as class president, Sarena Wu as vice president, Joshua Wu as secretary, Adam Siu as social chairperson and Matt Villagracia as historian. There were also additional elections run as the designated roles hadn’t been filled last year, ending with Peter Park as Class of 2023’s social chairperson and Grace Wen as Class of 2025’s historian. 

Yu said that he ran for president with the goal of raising and maintaining school spirit, striving for the strongest spirit of any class before. In addition, he said he wants to carry out more class activities and have many fundraisers for his class. 

“I originally wasn’t sure if I was even serious about signing up for the elections, but talking to the previous presidents convinced me that USB could be enjoyable and a great learning experience,” Yu said. “Despite having previous experience in leadership, being class president will be at another level.”

Freshman secretary Joshua Wu said that he chose to run because he wants to make DBHS a place that can create a good foundation for his fellow students leading into the most important four years of their lives. 

“I organized my campaign by making posters and flyers as well as having my supporters spread my campaign,” Wu said. “My goals are to learn a lot from the student body as well as helping my peers.” 

In the same vein, freshman social chairperson Adam Siu ran because he wanted to make the experience better for students, and help assist classmates in their first year of high school.

“I had some upperclassmen help me design my posters and just help me with my campaign in general,” Siu said. “I was very surprised when I won because I didn’t believe I would win compared to my competitors.” 

To create a change in his roles, senior social chairperson Peter Park ran this position despite previously being treasurer in his sophomore and junior years. He said he didn’t run for treasurer because he didn’t want to fulfill the role for a third year in a row.

“I always think about a theme before I start my campaign, from there I think about what I can add on that theme and how I can incorporate myself,” Park said. “This year I did a Spiderman theme because I thought it would be interesting and memorable due to my name being so close to Peter Parker.”

Park said that he simply wants to help the senior class out and that he aims to organize many events for his senior classmates.

“I always just want to be the best I can be, and while that may be a super simple life motto, I feel it has really become one of my core ideals,” Park said.