Lady Brahmas serve towards CIF


After facing lots of struggle last year, Diamond Bar High School girls volleyball has their eyes on a comeback season, setting off the school year with a great start by winning seven out of nine matches.

Last season, the team faced many training obstacles due to COVID-19 restrictions. With more freedom this year, they are hoping to further improve their game as a team. 

With many of this year’s volleyball team consisting of newcomers, captains and returning players alike are pitching in to aid the new members learn more and adjust to the team. 

“For newcomers, we help show them what it means to compete at the varsity level,” senior captain Jasmine Banks said via Instagram. 

During the summer, the team had a summer camp that consisted of over 50 participants. A mix of new and returning players mainly focused on basic skills while returning players worked on defensive and offensive strategies.

 The team played in two summer leagues: Rowland High School and Cal Poly Pomona. Only returning players competed against several schools across the region for five weeks and played matches upto two nights a week. 

“We had games at Rowland High School for about two weeks, and then we had another summer league at Cal Poly Pomona for two weeks,” said Carlie Law. “So during that time of summer, it was more casual competition. It allowed some players who were rusty to just get ready for tryouts.”

Inconsistencies during last year’s training caused issues to arise during the competition. This year, players are more prepared, and their hitters aren’t making as many mistakes as last year. 

“Last year we really struggled, and again that just goes back to not playing and lack of consistency,” Bevans said. “We just gave up too many points because of our own errors, not making teams actually hit winners and earn points. So I think this year, we’re doing much better with that overall.”

The team has an overall record of 7-2 and their next match is on Aug. 30 against Diamond Ranch.