Dress like your idol


It’s no secret that people love imitating those they want to be. Some fanbases of music artists take this to the next level, becoming known for dressing in a certain manner. A few such representative fanbases are listed below.

Playboi Carti

King Vamp wouldn’t be the king of anyone without his loyal, almost cult-like following of “Vamps.”  Ever since his sudden transition to a dark, vampire-like aesthetic with the release of his 2020 album “Whole Lotta Red,” much of his fanbase has seen a similar change. That, of course, entails their fashion choices as well.  Many Carti fans can be seen rocking avante-garde pieces, Rick Owens footwear, leather, and other items that have come to be associated with the artist and his fanbase. Of course, none of this matters in the pits of his concerts, where any clothing at all is a distraction to the moshing.

Lana del Rey

Though now mainstream and no longer as mysterious as she started off as, Lana del Rey remains one of the most fascinating artists in the industry today.  Needless to say, her fans seem to think the same about the 37-year-old.  Throughout her career, her music and fashion styles have changed frequently, seeing as how each of her albums seem to come with strong imagery. From Americana to coquette, and back again, fans dress in a manner that reflects the aesthetics of her music. Concert-goers can be seen wearing clothes from floral patterns and fishnets to platformer Doc Martens and preppy school girl outfits, exploring as wide a range as Lana del Rey herself.

Tyler the Creator

The style icon himself, Tyler the Creator, doesn’t often dress himself down in designer clothes, making it easy for his fans to follow suit.  Over the course of his musical career, his style has evolved with his music, going from skater clothes to a more preppy style, well-known for incorporating the sweater vest, as well as suits and loafers. While many fans don’t commit all the way to the dapper outfits that Tyler puts together, it isn’t uncommon to see his fans dressed in preppy clothing on the regular.  Fans with a little more money might purchase pieces from the artist’s own brand, Golf Wang, to truly complete the look.

Harry Styles

Ever the flamboyant dresser, former One Direction member Harry Styles has accumulated quite the dedicated fanbase.  His music aside, many of these fans can be seen donning his Styles, both at concerts and in day-to-day life.  For Styles, clothing has never had gender, and his fashion choices indicate just as much.  Bright colors, feathers, and sequins often litter the audiences at many of his concerts. With the artist himself defying cultural norms and embracing a more feminine side of masculinity—wearing clothes like pastel-colored bell bottoms, ruffled shirts, and lace shirts—fans are also encouraged to express themselves in a judgment-free zone.