Brahmas go home after tough battle

With the season coming to an end, the Diamond Bar High School girls volleyball team is wrapping up their games and getting ready for next season. 

Throughout the season, the team played extremely well, displaying excellent chemistry and being comfortable enough to communicate with one another, scoring them several wins this season. 

  “During most matches, the players had a smooth flow to their game that occurs when there is strong communication and comfortability with the surrounding teammates,” head coach Becky Bevans said. 

Over the course of the season, the team was able to improve as a team with some players growing tremendously individually. One such player was sophomore Samanta Doehla; her game methods improved greatly from the beginning of the season to the end.

“I improved in terms of consistency because there was so much repetition at practice, but it is hard to improve during the school season. Club season is when I get really beneficial training,” Doehla said.

The team also faced difficult runs throughout the season, including some losses in some matches. 

“The biggest low was losing the first league match to Rowland in five sets. Our offense really struggled that night. We finished with an overall hitting percentage of .091, which is usually not high enough to win many matches,” Bevans said. 

Prior to the season start, the team’s season goal was to qualify for CIF, and they were able to do so. However, their playoff run was cut short in the first round after they lost to The Buckley School. 

“It’s never fun to lose in three straight sets, and we had an opportunity to win the second set, but we had too many unforced errors during the last five points,” Bevans said. “We were up 22-20 and ended up losing the set 22-25.”