Brahmas explore new lands during summer

 From exploring the depths of the Capricorn Caves to trying out kangaroo jerky, several Brahmas were given an opportunity to sign up on a voyage to experience other countries’ cultures.

Over this past summer, two groups of Brahmas took a vacation to different parts of the world. Diamond Bar High School math teacher Shari De Cambra and science teacher Jazmine Silver partnered up with Education First (EF) to take a trip to Australia. In the same vein, math teacher Latitia Thomas partnered up with EF Tours to take a flight to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

Advertised to both current and former students, De Cambra and Silver—along with 14 students from DBHS—went to Australia. Any student from DBHS was allowed to tag along on this trip as long as they were able to pay the fee. The trip totaled about $6,000 per student, which was allotted to spending money for any extra excursions or souvenirs. 

“We learned a lot about the culture, even the culture of the original inhabitants. For example, their hunting masks and dances [were] shown in the Sydney museum,” senior Madison Apolo said via Instagram. “[We learned that] Australians are conscious about the environment and most of the national parks are being protected by UNESCO. So, there are strict environmental protection policies in place.”

Not only did this trip provide the opportunity to learn about different countries’ values, but it also had opportunities to try new cultural foods and sightsee. Apolo said she enjoyed experiencing new cultures through food.

“We’ve tried schnitzel, Vegemite, Tim Tams and kangaroo jerky.” Apolo said, “I love trying new foods from wherever I travel. I didn’t expect kangaroo jerky to taste like it did [and] I heard bad things about the taste of Vegemite, but I still tried it.”

Along with other students, she participated in excursions like surfing lessons at Manly Beach, white water rafting, ocean rafting and snorkeling. The group also visited venues like Capricorn Caves, the Sydney Opera House, the Opal Museum.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Thomas went on a trip to Norway, Sweden and Denmark with several students from different schools and three DBHS students: junior Isabelle Chang, junior Melody Zhang and senior Samuel McNally. With the trip lasting one week, they spent four days in Stockholm, Sweden, one in Oslo, Norway and two in Denmark. 

“I want to visit Stockholm and maybe Denmark again,” McNally said. “I learned more about the history of fairy tales, their original stories and about the royal family in Denmark.” 

With the help of EF Tours, they toured Oslo, Norway and walked on the Oslo Opera House. They went on an afternoon sail to Copenhagen, Denmark from Oslo where they spotted a statue of the Little Mermaid, the Tivoli Gardens and the Denmark War Museum.

There were various troubles that Thomas and her group faced, such as a student’s luggage going missing and abrupt flight changes. But despite all these events, she said they were still able to enjoy the trip. 

“It was a stressful trip in that the airline we were originally booked to fly was on strike so our flight was canceled, but I had a fantastic time with my travelers. The places we visited were beautiful and I got to visit a friend that I haven’t seen since I was 21, so I loved it.”