Be-real and don’t conceal


No one these days is authentic on social media—except me. Fortunately, there’s a new and trendy social media that was made for genuine people like me, who only post real moments: BeReal.

In case you’re fake and have never heard of BeReal, it’s a social media app where you have two minutes after a notification to show your true self and react to people’s posts with a “realmoji,” reactions to impersonate emojis. Just to put it out there, I was practically the first person to have this app, having downloaded it all the way back in March. I’m basically an influencer because everyone else jumped on the bandwagon the second I got the app.

Just last Monday at exactly 9:04 a.m, I prepared for my two minutes (and 20 retakes) of authenticity by making sure to have my effortless stylish lounge outfit picked out beforehand. Sure I was late to school, but I needed to make sure my hair was as natural as possible by spending an extra 15 minutes straightening and styling it to perfection, just in case a notification goes off during class. Afterwards, I made sure to bring my ring light and filming set so that when the notification comes through, I’m ready to be real.

Being yourself when posting is so important, which is why BeReal is an embodiment of my biggest morals: authenticity. All these fake people on Instagram attempt to put effort into being someone they’re not with filters and photoshopped images, but they just don’t understand what it means to be genuine like I do. Everyone’s always trying to show off their cute outfits and pretty faces, while I’m always being me in my two minutes of realism, while I make sure to take my BeReals with my perfect hair and outfit ready for the camera.

I basically use BeReal as a spam account for people who want the real me. The time I set the house on fire? I got two shocked RealMojis from my best friends. My dog just died? BeReal has it listed as this month’s memory. The time I posted myself without pants by accident? BeReal was there to capture my life’s most vulnerable moments, and I’m eternally in debt to the app for that.

Because of  how genuine I am and how much I care about sharing my true self, I make sure to always stop everything I’m doing when my BeReal notification goes off in class. Even when I’m in the middle of taking a test, it doesn’t matter; after all, that photo I posted of my teacher angrily ripping my test garnered a lot of reactions.

The authenticity of it all is what attracts such a large audience. With no ads and no filtered friends like on Instagram, BeReal will be an app that lasts forever and this fixation of being real will last for an eternity. This platform will never fade and will continuously change the political and economic state of the world with its undying impact.

BeReal will forever be a top-tier social media app that will never die out. Its emphasis on realness has officially cured all my mental health issues; I am no longer a fake person trying to fit into a narrative of being fake on social media. I am a changed individual with a different perspective on life.