Winter fashion trends

Plaid Shirt Jacket

Quickly becoming the most prominent casual outerwear item this winter, plaid shirt jackets have surpassed the classic denim jacket in popularity. A staple transition piece from fall to winter, these warm jackets are a great layering item that will upgrade the basic outfit as the weather gets cooler. Plaid shirt jackets can be found in virtually any color  with prices ranging from $30–$70; they are available for purchase from brands such as Zara and H&M.


Mesh Shirts

Mesh shirts are the perfect match for California’s occasional sunny winter days. From button downs to ruched designs, mesh shirts are great for layering and add a unique touch to an outfit. They cater to many different style preferences with prints ranging from delicate pixie flowers to abstract swirls and shapes, making them a versatile piece for the winter. These tops can be found from brands such as Motel Rocks and Cotton On, ranging from $15–$30.


Wide Leg Jeans

Moving past the mom jeans trend, this winter is all about high waisted wide leg jeans. The looser fit provides for more comfort while giving the illusion of longer legs due to its wide cut. Although these pants can be styled with a variety of shirts, they are commonly paired with crop tops or tighter fit tops to enhance the silhouette. Ranging from $25–$70, wide leg jeans can be found from a variety of brands, with Target being a more affordable option and higher quality pairs available from Levi’s. 


Puffer Jackets

Popularized by the street style of supermodel Kendall Jenner, puffer jackets have taken over everyone’s Instagram feeds this winter season. Typically worn with leather pants or jeans, these practical outerwear pieces keep you warm while adding an element of athleisure to your look. Though most commonly sported in black, puffer jackets come in various colors and designs, including the recently popularized color blocking pattern. They are available for purchase at The North Face and UNIQLO, ranging from $70–$200.


Leather Ankle boots

Easy to style and popular year after year, leather ankle boots are a must have in your winter shoe rotation. These versatile shoes look great with anything from straight-cut jeans and a comfy sweater to midi skirts and dresses. They can be bought from numerous retailers and have a large price range of $25-$150; Dr. Martens is a popular, though more expensive choice, while Walmart offers more affordable options.