USB celebrates Black History Month

As a way to promote Black History Month, USB has made use of their social media presence to raise awareness among students and celebrate Black figures’ contributions.

USB decided to pursue these events because we would like our student body to be aware of events going on outside of our school,” sophomore Advertising Commissioner Catherine Wang said via Instagram. “We believe it’s vital for everyone to become informed of BHM and learn how they have impacted society today. The goal is to spread a positive message to everyone about appreciating the Black community.”

USB has plans to host several Instagram activities such as Story Takeovers for local Black-owned restaurants that will be posted at the end of February. 

Infographics are being posted each week as well, highlighting important Black figures in history. In the first week, USB featured several African American inventors who have made notable contributions throughout American history. Additionally, quizzes on the information from the infographics are posted every Friday to introduce an interactive element to the activities.

“With only online events, we have the opportunity to focus more on the social media aspect of spreading awareness towards the student body,” junior Speaker of the House Alexis Lin said via Instagram. “These events we chose to carry out, such as the weekly infographics, polls, and supporting black owned business story takeover, were chosen because as I said, we are limited to online alternatives and we believe these choices engage the students in a convenient and interesting manner.”

The IOC Chairperson junior Ashley Lin and her fellow event organizers researched various historical figures, using what they learned to design the infographics.

The USB members stated that the planning of these events was not motivated by last year’s Black Lives Matter protests and that they would have recognized the Black community regardless of the political climate.

“I think it’s [BHM] extremely important because Black history is something I believe everyone should respect and educate themselves on to show recognition towards African Americans who have impacted our country immensely,” Lin said.