Student resources

Diamond Bar High School’s campus offers countless tutoring and academic opportunities for students to take advantage of; however, most don’t even know they exist.

Students tend to wait until the last minute to fix their grades, trusting too much in their ability to procrastinate as they reassure themselves that everything will be alright; this often results in scores that could have been better if students accessed the academic resources provided for them. 

The campus offers an abundance of support ranging from Grade Level Coordinators, and California Scholarship Federation tutoring, to the principal’s weekly newsletters.

The excuses are always the same– ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘All I need is to freshen up on the material, I don’t need help.’ However, students should prioritize their education and thus make time to seek academic assistance if needed and take the initiative to reorganize their schedules to ensure their own success.

GLCs are sometimes the ones who notice students’ flailing grades first– aside from teachers. Due to this, students can easily consult with their respective GLC to figure out which on campus programs will be most beneficial to them.

Other tutoring opportunities available at school include free CSF peer tutoring which is accessible  to all DBHS students. CSF tutoring is available from Monday through Thursday after school, which makes it highly convenient for students to use.

In addition to tutoring, Principal Reuben Jones sends out student newsletters every week through email. The newsletters are composed of schedules for the entire week, granting students yet another chance to plan for major events, organize time to study, or seek help from tutors. Simply checking your email is probably the easiest way to take advantage of these student resources, especially for those who find it hard to talk to other students, staff, and teachers.

The school is constantly preparing students with resources which are solely for student benefit, but, if they continue to go unused, then their efforts go to waste and these opportunities may become minimized.