Sharing a world of fashion


Photo courtesy of DAISY LU

Club member Isabelle Hurtado won first place in the DIY mask competition the club hosted.

By fostering Brahmas’ passion for clothing design and outfit creation, the Diamond Bar High School Fashion club hopes to inspire more interest in the industry.

With a leadership of six officers and about 50 active members, Fashion Club is actively trying to expand. The president, senior Daisy Lu, created the club in 2019. A large portion of the club officers’ responsibilities is to look for sponsors and events as well as coming up with new ideas to incorporate fashion and teamwork.

“I love fashion very much, and I know how people around me are also interested in fashion; however, no club in our school focused on fashion at the time, so I decided to establish one,” Lu said via Instagram.

Competitions along with workshops such as MasterClass lessons are provided for the members as opportunities to learn and collaborate with one another. The club also has plans to conduct runway shows in the future.

“Last year, we had a Halloween DIY Mask Competition, where members created their own face masks with the theme of Halloween; 3 winners received gift cards and FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising] merchandise,” Lu said.

Because of the club’s cooperation with FIDM, several scholarship opportunities are also provided in which members have the chance to win thousands of dollars toward attending the Los Angeles college.

“We hosted a lot of events and introduced many attractive fashion topics to members at general meetings,” secretary of the club senior Selina Wu said via Instagram. “We hope more people understand what fashion is and are encouraged by us to employ ideas related to fashion in their daily lives.”

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the club had to cancel a multitude of their in-person events such as sewing and embroidery activities. Despite the challenges, online meetings with presentations are still held regularly.

“These presentations include Lolita and Gothic Fashion, which help members be more open-minded about fashion and eliminate stereotypes about fashion styles [that] they’re not familiar with,” Lu said.

Although all of the current officers are seniors, new leadership has already been established.

“Fashion should not be defined and it lives everywhere in our daily lives,” Wu said. “Through fashion, we hope to introduce all kinds of fashion designs to our members to expand their views and hopefully enlighten them to have their own style.”