Setting to a full-ride

Spiking over the high nets since sixth grade, Diamond Bar High School senior Stephanie Mosley has committed to Pacific University on a full-ride scholarship for volleyball.

Since middle school, Mosley has been a stand out since the beginning of her career, especially when she was able to make first place at a junior high volleyball association Summer Soiree. In Mosley’s sophomore year, she was named First Team All-League for the Mt. Baldy League—an award given by coaches for hard work on the court.

“That made me feel really good that the coaches were noticing me and recognizing that I was a great competitor and player,” Mosley said.

Mosley’s passion for volleyball first sparked when her family encouraged her to play a sport. Since then, she’s tried soccer, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, waterpolo, figure skating and softball, but volleyball was the only sport that stuck. Seven years later, she is a varsity player on the school team as well as a top player on her club team. 

“I think it’s because it almost felt like a home away from home,” Mosley said.  “I liked seeing other girls like me being tall and being able to be themselves and not being able to hide their height.”

Over the course of her career, Mosley has attended two clubs—Icon Volleyball and Pacific Juniors Volleyball club. Not only did they teach her the basics of the sport, she was also able to meet and grow close with her coaches and teammates.

“One club that stuck out to me the most was Pacific Juniors Volleyball club [because] that is where I started meeting and accepting girls and coaches that knew my strengths and helped me with my weaknesses,” Mosley said.

Starting her coaching path last summer at Glendora’s Youth Volleyball club, Mosley hopes to take her volleyball passion long term by starting her own volleyball club. Outside of coaching youth, she also coaches clinics to help beginner players at Lutheran High School in La Verne. 

“My college coach actually offered me the job and I loved it, it was like love at first sight, I knew I wanted to continue volleyball no matter what, even if I wasn’t playing or reffing games,” she said.

Volleyball has made Mosley more strong and confident in herself, giving her a desire to, one day, be an Olympic athlete. Being a very open person, she says volleyball has been an opportunity to showcase who she truly is.

“I use volleyball as my platform and everything to show what kind of person I am where I can be this nice funny sweet girl off the court, but on the court I love playing hard and being aggressive,” Mosley said.