Senior column: Tiffany Lee

While I am most excited to end my senior year and never step foot on campus after graduation, I dread writing my final piece in the Bull’s Eye. I have spent most of my lunches and afterschool in the Journalism classroom organizing photo schedules, taking pictures, and writing many articles throughout the four years I’ve been part of the school newspaper.

But my last paragraph and sentences have been erased repeatedly as I realize that it would be my very last article to write in the newspaper that I spend all-nighters writing. 

I remember during my registration for my freshman year that I chose to take the Journalism I class on a whim after calling a friend who already decided on the class. From there, I was already telling myself that I would only be taking the class for the credits. Although I admit I have slept numerous times in the class during the movies we had to watch, it was the first time I had actually admired the newspaper and my first time opening the newspaper and reading it.  After writing my first contributing article on Halloween movies, I felt a bit accomplished at myself just seeing my name under a published article and decided to join the Bull’s Eye. 

For me, joining the Bull’s Eye felt like an accomplishment and it reminded me that I had something that I didn’t give up on and had something that I continued for four years. From the countless articles and running around campus taking pictures of various sport games, lunch activities, and student spotlights, room 459 gave me a sense of belonging. 

I can’t say I became a better writer since I entered the Journalism room, but Mr. List and my staff members helped me grow as a more confident person with the various interviews I had to conduct. 

If I had only knew then that deadline night for the March 2019 issue was the last in-person event I would have with my staff members, I would have chosen a later time for the movie I was supposed to review and stay for another hour to just take in the moment of us rushing to get our articles in time, finishing the last couple edits of layout, and just talking with my other staff members. 

I would like to say thank you to Mr. List for giving me the opportunity to express myself in words and our conversations on our walks to the computer lab and putting up with me never quite calling your name correctly during Journalism 1.