Influencers on the red carpet


Popular beauty youtuber Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkiTutorials, exceeded expectations with her first ever Met Gala look. The makeup guru attended the gala in an Edwin Oudshoorn aquamarine tulle gown inspired by queer rights activist Marsha P. Johnson. The outfit was enhanced with colorful floral arrangements artistically placed all over the fabric, completed with a sash woven into the train of the dress with Johnson’s iconic phrase, “Pay it no mind,” written across it. With de Jager having recently come out as a trans woman, this hommage to one of America’s most iconic gay activists made for a flawless take on the theme of American independence. 


Kim Kardashian

While Kim Kardashian has been known for her illustrious, more elegant pieces at the Met, this year’s enigmatic look took the world by storm. Diverging from the common theme interpretation of revamping classic American styles, Kardashian has continued to show her unique style with her custom Balenciaga outfit. Though the full black ensemble included an opaque face covering, Kardashian was anything but anonymous; her recognizable silhouette was enough. Since the 2000’s, the Kardashian family has paved the way for American celebrity and paparazzi culture in the nation. In this way, Kardashian stuck out since she has dominated the American fashion culture for the past two decades.


Emma Chamberlain 

Whilst hosting Vogue interviews during her Met Gala debut, Emma Chamberlain shone in a custom, gold Louis Vuitton dress. The two-piece outfit consisted of an asymmetrical mini skirt bottom and a chain link back, which she paired with gold hoop earring.  Adorned with thousands of beads and crystals, the dress took 290 hours to hand-embroider. While the dress was impressive, her makeup stole the show with neon graphic eyeliner adding to the 70’s feel of her overall look. Of all the influencers invited to attend this year, Emma Chamberlain was one of the few who met the haute-couture expectations associated with the Met Gala. 


Dixie D’Amelio

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio replicated Audrey Hepburn’s iconic l “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” look. Designed by Valentino, the ensemble included a simple, black mini dress and opera-length white gloves. The main component of her outfit was a baroque, black ostrich feather headpiece, spanning down her back. While the headpiece captured the extravagance of the Met Gala, it  held no deeper meaning or connection to the theme. Not to mention, the flamboyant addition drew attention away from the overall look and made for a less accurate depiction of Hepburn– an actress known for her classic, timeless looks. As a whole, the outfit was incohesive and rather random.