Fullerton College program wins over Brahma basketball player

The DBHS senior looks forward to taking her childhood passion to the Junior College level.


According to Shanise Ho, her “ability to score on offense” and capability to “lead and direct the team” has allowed her to gain a spot on next year’s  Fullerton College basketball team.

The Diamond Bar High School senior  said that she decided to play for Fullerton out of the other colleges due to the structure of their program.

“I love the way that the head coach [Marcia Foster] runs her team and develops great relationships with her players,” Ho said. “Her and her program are capable of helping me get to a higher level as a college player, and I also love the way her program is run by her and her staff members.”

Ho also talked about how exciting the commitment process was for her. 

“It started from reaching out to the head coach, and as time went by, we communicated through phone and started to make things official with her program; everything was very thrilling for me, ” Ho said.

However, Ho explained that there were still many difficulties in her path to getting accepted, especially due to the pandemic.

“[The college process] was absolutely very difficult,” Ho said. “It was mainly due to having to deal with the pandemic over the past year and also not having a basketball season or any travel ball season either; it was hard for coaches and scouts to recruit players.”

Of course, to be recruited to college for playing basketball, many years of practice and playing were needed. Ho said she had been playing basketball for about six years, as she started around seventh grade. At DBHS, she was a four-year member of the varsity squad.

“I play about five to six hours of basketball on the court every week,” Ho said. “I also put in about eight hours in the weight room every week.”

“I like playing basketball because I enjoy the process of getting better and seeing my progress in the end,” Ho said. “I like that I’m always able to learn something new about the game whether it was good or bad.”

Ho also has specific training routines for basketball and trains with a personal coach outside of school in order to maintain and grow her skill.

“Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I’m in my personal coach’s gym and practice whatever skill work I was assigned that week by him,” Ho said. “On Sunday morning, I have one on one personal training with him.”