Frosty’s maze offers a chilling attraction


With Halloween approaching, Frosty’s Dark Harvest Corn Maze, located in Chino, has risen from its grave to offer  thrilling and frightening attractions with semi-scary jumpscares. 

Open from 7pm-12am until Oct. 31, the maze costs $30 dollars per person and takes place in a cornfield behind a pumpkin patch and some kiddy rides. The dark setting created an unsettling atmosphere, and this spookiness was amplified by the three workers at the foot of the maze holding chainsaws. Considering that these three individuals could corner you and touch you with their props, they were easily the scariest part of the maze.

As I was walking through the cornfield with three of my other friends, we encountered seven bloody rooms that you had to pass through; each pertaining to a unique theme. We went through all the rooms, one of which was an abandoned house with a man who swings his butcher knife to scare you, and another where there are gorey, bloody clowns that pop out behind hidden doors. The screaming of the workers and the sounds of sirens complemented the murderous themes of these rooms, keeping your knees weak and palms sweaty. 

Although I enjoyed the creative jumpscares, I was a bit underwhelmed by the short-lived thrill of the maze,  since the majority of the attraction consists of participants walking through the cornfield. I also expected there to be more jump scares from the workers hiding among the corn plants, but there were only two—one at the beginning and another at the end—which caused the frightening feeling to be brief. 

However, if you think you’ll be safer hiding behind your friends, you’re sadly mistaken. Whereas I only received one underwhelming jumpscare at the beginning, my two friends hiding behind me got stuck with a bleeding US soldier following after them— a fate much more frightening than mine. 

With that being said, as someone who hasn’t gone to a haunted house in a while, I was impressed with the overall presentation of each room and the people involved in scaring the participants. Each bloody makeup look and costume was realistically disturbing, and combined with the gory props planted within the twisting maze made the experience of finding your way out more thrilling and exciting. Even though the website has an estimated time of 30 minutes to complete the maze, we ended up finishing in just 15 minutes. 

Although it wasn’t scary to the point where I couldn’t sleep that night, the maze definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. Overall, Frosty’s Dark Harvest Maze is a good place to go for brief, creepy jumpscares.