Food Review: Melo Melo


Melo Melo Coconut Jelly Dessert, a newer addition to Diamond Plaza in Rowland Heights, specializes in their soft, tasty jellies, even serving them in the sustainable asset of reusable glass jars.

Upon entering the shop, I was pleased by the clean design that was refurbished by fresh fruits sitting atop the walls, which added to the lively environment. 

 Taking a seat in the fairly empty establishment, I started off my order with the Strawberry Coconut Jelly ($9) and the Oreo Coconut Jelly ($8), as well as their “limited edition” Taro Coconut Jelly ($12). In spite of the varying prices, ranging from reasonably priced to mildly high, there was no option to choose between sizes upon ordering.

I started by digging into the Taro Coconut Jelly, scooping up the textured taro chunks from the bottom, which had a subtly sweet taste that I enjoyed. Unlike some artificially sweetened taro I have tried in the past, this dessert had a much more authentic taste. 

To cleanse my palate with something refreshing, I picked up the Strawberry Coconut Jelly next. The coconut jelly chunks, which were mixed into every dessert, had a more prominent taste in this jelly, adding a nutty flavor that enhanced its sweetness. 

I saved what I hoped to be best for last: the Oreo Coconut Jelly. This flavor came in a much smaller jar compared to the other two jellies. Similar to the Taro Coconut Jelly, the Oreo Coconut Jelly was a chunky liquid at best, nothing like the thick texture of the strawberry jelly. The rich chocolate only overpowered the flavor of the coconut, making it feel as if I was drinking an overly sweet Oreo milkshake.

All features considered, Melo Melo Coconut Jelly Dessert is a great place to grab a few sweet treats. The dessert shop’s eco-friendly approach complemented by the jellies’ sweetened flavors definitely warrants a return soon in the future.