Burger Showdown


With endless amounts of chain restaurants to choose from, finding a tasty and well priced burger can be difficult. Two Bull’s Eye staff members ordered from four different burger joints and rated them based on taste and price.


#1: The Habit

In a small plaza on Diamond Bar Boulevard, The Habit Burger Grill opened their first location in the area in 2019. Because their in-dining experience was closed, I visited their drive-thru to take my order with a pretty short line in the afternoon. I ordered a BBQ bacon charburger with cheese ($5.35), onion rings ($2.40) and a chocolate shake ($3.60). After a five-minute wait in the drive thru and a five minute drive back home, I tried the onion rings dipped in the homemade ranch sauce first. While the rings were a little salty, dipping it in ranch made the crunchy slices sweet. The charburger was savory, paired with the flavors of the sweet BBQ sauce and added a juicy texture. The crispy pieces of bacon inside the burger were perfectly cooked and the meat tasted fresh like the restaurant promised. However, their chocolate shake was disappointing since it tasted like any other shake. If I’m ever looking for a quick place to buy a reasonably priced burger, I’ll visit The Habit again.


#2: Burger Den


After taking a glimpse of Burger Den’s delivery only burgers on Postmates, I decided to give their advertised 100 percent beef burgers a try. Their menu featured a wide variety of burgers ranging from your standard cheeseburger to a burger with egg and hash browns inside.

My order took around forty minutes to arrive and showed up hot. I ordered the Vibe with Shrooms Burger ($12.99), which featured a beef patty along with grilled garlic mushrooms, caramelized onions and swiss cheese.

 This burger was delicious and superior to the Beast Burger in every way. The caramelized onions combined with the juicy patty created a sweet and savory taste. The mushrooms were also very soft and paired well with the burger to create a unique flavor. And unlike the Beast Burger, the hamburger buns were soft and not too thick.

I will be ordering from Burger Den again, since their burgers are well worth the wait and price.


#3: Farmer Boys

Located in Brea Canyon, I ordered from Farmer Boys for a quick and convenient meal through Grubhub with the addition of delivery fees. With the location only ten minutes away from my home, I didn’t have to wait too long for the food to arrive. I bought the Bacon Boy Double Bacon Cheeseburger ($6.59) and a side of crispy fries ($2.39) followed by a regular chocolate shake ($4.59). Because of their higher prices, I was hopeful for an appetizing and satisfying experience. Biting into the bacon cheeseburger, I was able to taste the fresh ingredients included in the burger. The bacon was not too crunchy and the beef was cooked well-done. The burger also included tomatoes, thousand island sauce, pickles and onions. I thought the taste of all the ingredients blended well together and nothing overpowered the other. However, the burger was really big and too filling to finish, especially after eating their fries. The shake was creamy and the fries were lightly salted. While the meal met my expectations, I was still unable to finish my food because of their large servings. 


#4: MrBeast Burger

After hearing the hype surrounding the MrBeast Burger, a delivery-only fast food restaurant started by YouTuber MrBeast, on various social media platforms I decided to order some of their food off the app. 

The food took around the standard 45 minutes to arrive. I ordered a Beast Style Burger Combo ($10.99), which included a double patty cheeseburger, a side of Beast Style Fries and a bottle of water. The cheeseburger was surprisingly good despite being lukewarm and was filled to the brim with pickles, onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard. The flavors of the  toppings all meshed well together. The only downside about the burger was  the buns, which were too thick and dry. The side of fries was also not up to par since they were quite soggy, and had a disappointing half-melted piece of Kraft cheese on top. 

Overall, I would say the MrBeast Burger is not worth the price. While the food quality is pretty average compared to your standard fast food meal, the delivery price is what makes MrBeast Burger not worth it. My total amount paid was around $10 higher due to the delivery costs which ultimately made me decide that I would not be ordering from MrBeast Burger again.