Biden administration exceeds expectations

Many of those who voted for Joe Biden for president were simply settling for the lesser of two evils, since the other option was Donald Trump. The general preconception was that the nation was simply “settling for Biden.” However, Biden’s first 100 days have proved that the differences between Biden and Trump are profound.

It can be said that both administrations hold slight similarities, considering Biden’s hardliner stance on China and how he almost broke his promise of raising the refugee cap. Still, when one reviews the over 100 executive orders Biden has signed to reverse Trump policies and the dignity that has been restored to the presidency, any similarities are basically insignificant.

The new administration–by releasing vaccines as soon as they were available and having a COVID-19 action plan–reached their goal of 100 million vaccine shots over a month ahead of the initial 100-days pledge. 

The 200 million goal was also called ahead of schedule, whereas Trump failed to even reach his vaccination goal of 20 million when he was voted out of office. During Trump’s administration, less than three million people were vaccinated by Dec. 31, simply due to the federal government’s lack of support and guidance to the state authorities.

Despite the success in vaccine distribution, the current administration is faced with the usual negative response from the Republican Party over every policy decision. Thus far, one of the major complaints from the other side is Biden’s “failure” to unite the nation. Yet, Biden put together a relief package that has received overwhelming support from almost all Americans. That package failed to receive even one GOP vote. 

The Republican party has shown time and time again that they have zero interest in neither helping the people nor bi-partisanship. He is right to not focus on appeasing the “no-party,” Biden and Harris should continue to work on delivering their promises while the GOP is busy devouring itself from the inside with Trump’s “Big Lie.”

As for the current progress in undoing the previous administration’s controversial immigration policies, the number of children in jail-like facilities at the border was brought down 83 percent, from 5,767 on March 29 to less than a thousand within the past month. The length of time the Border Patrol keeps the children is going down as well, from an average of 133 hours to only 28.

The Biden-Harris administration has shattered previous expectations so far. Biden speaks plain, honest rhetoric to address the most pressing issues. Instead of taking on the Trump-esque behavior of ignoring COVID as nothing but the common cold, Biden shows empathy for others.

For some Americans, Biden may not seem progressive enough. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that, with the odd combination of broad popular support and the narrowest margin in Congress, Biden needs to please the majority of Americans without angering the people or a single Congressional Democrat. To that effort, he’s met the threshold, even exceeding such expectations put on him.