Band camp marches during summer

To get back on track after a year of digital practices, Diamond Bar High School’s band held its annual band camp, in-person.

The event was held from July 26 to August 5 from 1p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday. With new restrictions imposed this year to hinder the potential spread of COVID-19, band was forced to hold their practices outside rather than inside the band room. 

“COVID definitely affected our process of practice by making us more cautious and aware of potential risks of the activities we did,” sophomore Lucas O’Brien said. “Changes [included] wearing masks any time we’re not playing, exclusively practicing outside on instruments, and making sure to stay distanced between other players.”

Students said that some of their biggest inconveniences were practicing in the heat as well as social distancing , which forced them to spend more time setting up by spreading out more.

“We had to always make sure to take breaks due to heat and the sound was always a bit sharp,” junior Joseph Wangsa said. “There wasn’t much that changed in the playing process since most of the movement things happened outside, but the ensemble also had to be outside when we normally had to be inside.”

O’Brien said that band camp was a great experience for him as it was his first year being in the DBHS band, and the camp taught him a lot of the fundamentals of marching band. 

“I chose to attend because it was highly encouraged despite being optional,” O’Brien said. “It taught the essentials and was an opportunity to see other friends involved I haven’t seen in person in a long time.”

Furthermore, the group currently has three confirmed upcoming performances. According to music director, Steve Acciani, the ultimate goal is to win the Parade Championship in Arcadia this year despite any hindrances caused by the previous online school year.

“We have won the championship five of the last six years, and are looking to achieve that success again,” Acciani said. “Our goal is to maintain the high standards we have always lived up to, no matter what the situation.”