A delicious twist on Canto cuisine


Delicious Food Corner, a newly opened restaurant in Diamond Bar, lives up to its name by providing a vast array of tasty Cantonese cuisine. 

Before entering the establishment, I immediately noticed the welcoming ambience and the modern architecture, both giving the restaurant a clean look. The interior looked just as polished as the outside, along with oriental decor ornamenting the restaurant. 

While indoor seating was available, I took my food to-go. I waited for a somewhat long 25 minutes, despite the staff telling us that it’d be out in 15, though it was understandable based on how packed the restaurant was.

My order started out with the fried chicken wings with spicy salt ($10.95); a surprising favorite as its crunchy skin wasn’t as soggy as others I’ve had before. The meat was also tender and savory, leaving me to strip the meat nearly clean off the bone. What really put it over the top were the chopped up bits of spring onion and spices that dazzled across the meal, adding to the spicy, peppery flavor. 

As for my main course, I ordered the HK Boy Cart noodle ($14.95), which consisted of rice noodles with wonton broth, roasted duck and honey BBQ pork.

Before I even ate the meal, I already knew I was going to enjoy it based on its rich and tangy smell. With every bite of the soft rice noodles, I ate one of the savory toppings, which added something extra to the more plain tasting noodles.

The wontons were nothing special, and, even though they added an unusual, fish-like taste, it wasn’t to the point that it deterred me from the taste. The roasted duck was a tad hard to eat, but , once I worked my way around the bones, I ended up being met with a palatable flavor. The real winner was the honey BBQ pork, as the meat, along with the skin, was tender and savory.

As a refresher, I got the iced HK milk tea ($3.95). I’d say it was the only, real disappointment of the meal, since the expected mellow taste of the drink was watered down by the ice.

Overall, Delicious Food Counter proved to be a great establishment, and I’ll likely be returning here sometime in the near future.