Senior column: Connor Cho

It came as a surprise to me that I’m finally through my four years of high school. To be honest, Journalism 1 was only going to be a class that I would have taken my sophomore year for free credits toward my graduation. But the people I met in that class and Mr. List led me into applying for The Bull’s Eye to continue journalism in high school. 

While I probably don’t have that many memories from the Journalism 1 class because I was asleep countless times (sorry Mr. List), I still enjoyed all the conversations we’ve had with Mr. List along with the laughter from whenever Ryan said something questionable. I even remember when he walked in class one day and somehow forgot his backpack.

I can also say that The Bull’s Eye helped me prepare for the future. Journalism inspired me to try out new things because I would have never met any of the people in The Bull’s Eye if I didn’t sign up for the course. 

And while I think journalism improved my writing, it also offered so many unforgettable memories that I’ve made on deadline nights. From attempting to help the feature section with headlines (sorry) and walking around campus with Ryan to waste time, this class was a highlight of my high school career. 

When we were hit with the announcement during deadline night on March 13 that school would be cancelled, I was excited to spend my time away from school. But I realized that I will also miss The Bull’s Eye as we spent our last deadline night in Mr. List’s classroom. While this entire year happened through distance learning on our computers, I wish my last year of high school was able to be experienced inside the friendly environment of the journalism classroom. 

I’d like to thank all my friends for making my high school experience a better one. And I’d also like to thank Mr. List again for giving me a chance in The Bull’s Eye despite how much I’ve slept in your class. I hope that you enjoy retirement and I’ll try my best to update you on how my sleep schedule is going. 

I’m also thankful to all the teachers I’ve had during the second semester. While I really haven’t gotten the chance to know them that well because of distance learning, I’m glad they were able to teach us during these tough times. While I may not have given their classes my full attention during the second semester because of how difficult online learning was, I still wanted to thank them. 

Once again, thank you Bull’s Eye and Diamond Bar High School for all the memories, and farewell.