Athlete achieves peace by surfing


While surfing remains the signature leisure activity in Southern California, Tatiana Sprock took up the sport for a different reason than most: To spend more time with her father.

With inspiration from her dad who has been surfing for 45 years, the Diamond Bar High School junior first learned how to stand up and ride on a surfboard when she was just eight years old. After having many waves under her belt, Sprock prefers riding a shortboard.

“Initially my dad inspired me to surf,” Sprock said via Instagram. “When I was little I copied him a lot so surfing was just something to copy.”

Since Sprock isn’t able to go to the beach everyday, the surfer usually skateboards to practice her balance when she has time.

“Before COVID, usually I would go once a week to Bolsa Chica State Beach and surf by the South Jetty,” Sprock said.

Sprock does not surf competitively, however, she said that she enjoys surfing because of how it allows her to spend more time with her dad. Even though she and her dad are very busy with their own schedules, Sprock has always found time to surf with him.

“Spending time with my dad has really made me enjoy surfing,” Sprock said. “The ocean is just so calming but exhilarating at the same time for me.”

Besides surfing, Sprock is also involved in other sports such as the Diamond Bar High School’s track and field team. Sprock added that while she prefers track and field over surfing because of the team aspect, she has found surfing to inspire her in more than any other sport because of her admiration for pro surfer Courtney Conlogue.

“She’s so genuine, hardworking, talented, and never gives up,” Sprock said. “So I really admire her.”

Although she once practiced at the beach, Sprock hasn’t been able to surf as much because of COVID precautions. However, she still finds time by waking up early in the morning for secluded areas away from crowds.

“I love the environment and feeling I get while surfing,” Sprock said “I’m an overthinker and get stuck in my head a lot but surfing and its environment pulled me out of that state.”