Sophomore engages in recreational skating

While roller skating has had a recent resurgence in popularity through social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok, Diamond Bar High School sophomore Hannah Pacis has been gliding around long before the trend. Skating for a little over two years now, Pacis’ passion allows her to stay in shape and remain active while staying at home.

Pacis was first introduced to the activity by her childhood friend and current DBHS sophomore Saraiya Garcia.

“Saraiya was actually the one to get me into roller skating,” Pacis said. “We used to go to this nearby roller rink where I’d rent out rollerblades so we can skate together, and I’ve never had more fun than in that roller rink.”

Taking many bruises and scrapes to her knees, skating was not always effortless to Pacis, especially at the beginning.

“When I started rollerblading, I was hilariously bad at it,” Pacis said. “I had to rent out those crutches that kids use to keep my balance.”

Committing herself to practicing daily, it took no time for Pacis to see improvement, and she soon learned how to balance and smoothly shift her weight as she freewheels. As she became  more experienced, she established a warmup routine she follows before each skate session.

 “I always go through a small warmup, including bubbles, spinning, turning to skate backwards, and figure eights,” Pacis said. “It helps get my legs ready for skating and get myself in the right headspace for harder tricks.”

Now, she finds time to skate between study breaks or on the weekends, coasting around her neighborhood or at the beach.

“It’s the one form of physical activity I don’t absolutely despise,” Pacis said. “I love the rush it gives me, and it’s also an extremely social activity.”

Preferring amicable pastimes rather than competitive ones, Pacis finds rollerskating the perfect fit. However, despite her recreational take on it, Pacis said she believes roller skating is no less demanding than other sports in the professional aspect.

“I consider roller skating a hobby, at least for myself, but there definitely are circumstances where it should be taken seriously as a sport,” Pacis said. “Competitive skating and roller derby are extremely taxing sports that should be respected for the level of skill they require.”

Keeping her active and serving as a wonderful distraction after a day of studying, Pacis recommends many to indulge in their own interests during this time.

“Skating is a really fun and relatively activity to get into,” Pacis said. “Though investing in your first pair of skates can be expensive, there are many cheaper alternatives that are much easier to commit to.”