Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Personalized MnM Chocolate Boxes: (ranges from $15 to $38)

With Valentine’s Day just days away, many are scrambling to stock up on the predictably routine gift: a plain, red heart-shaped box of chocolates. Instead, catch a loved one off guard with the unconventional and customizable M&M’s present bundles, all while still adhering to the traditional chocolate theme. Featuring a wide variety of appealing colors to select from, individually inscribed candies with personalized messages and different packaging options based on preference, the gift bundles are suitable for family, friends and special friends.

Personalized Jewelry: (ranges from $20 – $50+) 

A timeless keepsake guaranteed to keep you in the thoughts of another, the gift of personalized jewelry is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Appropriate for both genders as well as stylishly compatible with a wide range of outfits, the accessory can also serve as an everlasting reminder of one’s love and support. Popular options include personalized necklace names plates in gold, cursive font for women, and engraved steel gray band rings for men.

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster: ($8 – $15) / 

Despite the initial appeal of tangible gifts, the gift of fond memories through unforgettable experiences is unmatched. A cheap and aesthetic addition to pin next to one’s calendar, the 100 Date Idea Scratch Off Poster is ideal for bringing two people closer together as well as ensuring many marvelous adventures to come.

Valentine’s Day Surprise Gift Unfoldable box: ($10)

For those looking to share a more intimate gift without the hassle of crafting something together from scratch, the Valentine’s Day Surprise Unfoldable Gift Box is a quintessential option. Pre-assembled with blank spaces for personally written letters and empty slots for individualized photos, the box is available in five different patterns.

Magic Mugs (Photo Revealing Heat Sensitive Mugs): ($12)

A gift that will continue to captivate the receiver long after their initial surprise, Magic Mugs are perfect for both the holiday and practical use. It is a custom-printed mug with a heat-activated coating that turns transparent upon containing hot liquid, revealing the collage of photos layered beneath it. Not only is it cost efficient, but these custom magic mugs make fantastic presents that remind your loved ones of you everyday.