Valentine’s Day date ideas

Not sure about what to do this Valentine’s Day? Not trying to break the bank either? Look no further, here are three budget ideas for all couples to have a fun date night.

Rom com marathon

A romantic comedy marathon is a perfect way to spend some quality time with your significant other. Share laughs and memories as you enjoy a great movie. Factoring in any type of delivery food or drink will guarantee a time well spent with each other. For recommendations on what movies to watch, check out the Bull’s Eye story regarding entertaining rom-coms.


Bring out the humor in your relationship with a karaoke session. Karaoke can be as lighthearted or serious as you want it to be, whether you’re belting out the lyrics at the top of your lungs or trying your best to hit that high note. Not limited to singing by yourselves, friends and their dates can be brought along for a group session, allowing for many smiles and laughs. 

Cooking together

There’s nothing more interactive and fun than cooking with your date. With the meal entirely up to the two of you, there is much room left for creativity and bonding. Spending time together creating the meal will make it that much memorable when you sit down to eat. And the idea isn’t limited to dinner only; dessert can also be a sweet option. Don’t forget to do the dishes!