Trendy interior decoration ideas

Though restrictions on quarantine may be lifting, most of us are still spending the majority of our time inside the house. To pass time and provide for a small change of scenery, here are a few ideas you can use to start decorating your room. 

Polaroid walls

Putting a vintage spin on traditional photo collages are Polaroid walls. They’re great for preserving precious memories and are easier to print and develop than regular film photos. The pictures can be accessorized by using pre-decorated film or hand-decorating them with markers. Instant-print camera packs are found at Target or Walmart for between $80 to $100, or online on Mercari. For a cheaper alternative, you can purchase the KiiPix smartphone printer on Amazon for $27. The film sold separately costs up to $30, and each film pack has 16 to 50 sheets depending on the brand.

Houseplants have long been a top choice for interior decoration due to the bright splash of color they can add to a room and their ability to purify the air. The most popular indoor plants are succulents because they don’t require much water. Small succulents can be bought in packs at Home Depot, Target and Walmart with potting soil. A six-pack at Walmart costs $20, and the addition of potting soil brings it to  $25 plus tax. Decorative pots are also available to spice up the selection for $2.50 a pot at Hobby Lobby or $12 for three on Wish. 


Pinboards are a popular office and home accessory due to their versatility.  A common type of pinboard is corkboard, favored for its malleable material and variety of uses.  For example, it can become rustic wall art with an arrangement of decorative pins or it can be a convenient bulletin board with a painted backing. Corkboards are available at Office Depot, Target and Walmart, from $10 to $30, and office pins are available at office supply stores and price around $2.50 for a pack of 200. Decorative pins are more expensive: depending on the material their prices will reach past $10.

decorative lighting

Lighting is essential to the ambiance of a room, and decorative lighting is trending. String lights like fairy lights and cascading lights can be strung about rooms and bookcases for a festive touch. They can also be put in mason jars for a DIY lamp. LED strip lights and neon signs are fixed on walls to create a retro atmosphere. Some of these strip lights can change their colors with a remote or be set to change color automatically. Most of the lights can be found at Walmart or Target and each individual light is purchasable for under $20.