Shopping during quarantine

In a time when everyone is staying at home, shopping online is more popular than ever.  There are many smaller stores online that are not tied to any big name brands. Despite that, these stores have great deals. Here are three stores I did business with and would recommend all of them.

One such store is Honey by Lex, which  sells jewelry items from necklaces to rings, including earrings, anklets and bracelets. I ordered  a “Celestial Ring,” a small ring that has a design of a star and moon on it. It took about a week to arrive, as expected. The ring feels quite durable and comfortable for its $10 price tag along with the $4 shipping expense. It is  lightweight and a versatile accessory for a range of outfits. The ring accurately matched the images shown on the shop site and I can see myself buying from them in the future. One issue I have with it, however, is that it’s a bit wide, and there was only one size for all rings sold on the website. This is something to take into account when considering buying from them as it could make or break the deal.

A shop on Etsy called Daruma Cat sells enamel pins based on popular anime such as “Demon Slayer,” “My Hero Academia,” “Haikyuu” and “Fruits Basket,” as well as pins from the Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli. They are sturdy, durable and have heft to them, but this comes with a moderately high price of about $13 for each pin. There are also pins with moving parts such as having an extra design on it that rotates for around $18. I ordered a pin based on the movie  “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” which has a design with the main character on a rotating center plate, with a background design on the backplate. The product matched what was shown on the website and the pin’s design looks very well made. The order took about one week to arrive, costing $13 with a shipping fee of $2.74. I can definitely see myself buying more pins from this shop.

 I also ordered from a clothing shop called Love Street. Most of what it sells is apparel ranging from tops, bottoms and swimwear. I ordered a yellow tank called a “Leisure Cami” for summer, however, it was thicker than expected, which makes it a little warm when wearing it. It is also a tight fit, the tank only came in a “one size fits all” size. I usually wear adult small so keep that in mind if planning to order from them. It can take some getting used to when you first put it on. Once you get used to it, the top is very comfortable. The pictures on the site fail to represent how thick the top is, but the product was comfortable and looked vibrant, which would justify me buying from there again. Overall, it is a good product, but it took a bit longer to arrive than the other items I ordered, around a week and a half. The shirt cost $18 with $4 shipping. 

  Although online shopping does have its issues, such as not being able to get what you order right away, it is still a good option to have during this time of social distancing.