Senior Column: Ryan Lam

My last memory of Diamond Bar High School before its shutdown was working on the monthly issue of the Bull’s Eye after school. I remember seeing news on Instagram and Snapchat about the school shutting down and being super ecstatic about the idea of not going to school the next Monday. Thinking back on it, it’s really funny how I looked at the short-term positives of quarantine and not how it would play out in the long-run. Regardless, I am truly grateful for having the privilege to spend the final day of school doing something I love.

Joining the Bull’s Eye was one of the best things that happened to me during high school. Although I already had a very enjoyable high school experience – playing for the water polo team and having an amazing group of friends– I still didn’t feel a sense of fulfillment. Little did I know, taking Journalism 1 and 2 would accomplish this, and even more. Because of the Bull’s Eye, I was able to make life-long relationships and find a purpose for my future. I knew that realistically, playing sports would not be a future for me, and I didn’t find myself very interested in science or math. Taking journalism and joining the Bull’s Eye showed me different paths that I didn’t even know about.

Similar to playing water polo, writing and designing newspaper pages was an escape that allowed me to forget about the outside world for a little bit. For a few hours, all my focus and attention were completely on the computer screen and the people around me. Laughing and joking around with Mr. List and the staff while working to meet a deadline made time pass by quickly. Many memories were made during my two years on staff: going to writing competitions, visiting a journalism convention, and spending nights at DBHS working. 

Without a doubt, my senior year was the most rewarding and memorable year of high school. I became a part of a brotherhood with my water polo team and won the league championship. I finally have a plan for the next four years of my life. I can truly tell myself that everything worked out in the end, thanks to the many teachers, friends, and family that helped me along the way. To Mr. List, thank you for putting up with me and the nonstop racket that Johnny, Josh and I made. Thank you for spending countless hours out of your own time to help and develop the next generation of writers and journalists. And thank you for always believing in one of the most beautiful programs at DBHS, the Bull’s Eye.