Senior Column: Elizabeth Peng

Out of all the decisions I have made, taking Journalism I and then writing for The Bull’s Eye are among the best. From becoming more aware of current events to learning how to interview others, journalism has helped me gradually get out of my shell, put aside my insecurities and embrace being a student journalist. 

The Bull’s Eye has kept me grounded during high school, a respite among the homework and stress. Nearly every day, I look forward to 5th period because that is when I can meet my friends and work on the newspaper. Whenever I feel down, there are people who check in with me and support me. I am incredibly grateful and honored to have found other people who are so passionate and dedicated to journalism. I am amazed by their creativity and enthusiasm when I see them put their hard work into designing layouts or writing stories. 

Journalism has challenged me to try new and different things. As someone who doesn’t like getting out of my comfort zone, I learned how to just take the chance no matter the outcome, whether I’m meeting new people or walking to three tutoring centers after school to interview for a story. I have learned that sometimes you have to go for what you want, because trying is better than giving up and not trying at all. 

I enjoy taking information I’ve gathered and quotes from interviews and then weaving them into a story. There is something magical about using what I have and then putting them together to create a story with my own touch. During the lunches, 6th periods and after school hours I have spent in the journalism room, I have shared so many moments chatting with my peers and Mr. List, editing stories, trying to fix problems that appear in layout and so much more. All the inside jokes, staring at the computer screen trying to think of an idea, suddenly getting excited after having an epiphany, surviving deadline nights, seeing the new newspaper issue after working on it for weeks…I realize that I’ll never get the chance to experience those moments again, but I will remember them. 

With the coronavirus outbreak and the stay at home order, I saw how I took so many things for granted. I miss seeing my friends, classmates and teachers every day, working in the journalism room and playing tennis. During this time, I realized that as much as I had wanted the school year to end, I still wish I could go back and make it last a bit longer. I’ll never forget rushing to finish the newspaper on deadline nights, competing with the tennis team on match days, conversing with my friends during passing periods and enduring the school days with other IB students. Although there were bad days, I will remember all of the good experiences and people who have shaped me into who I am today. 

To my friends and classmates, I’m grateful that I met you and thank you for being in my life. To my teachers and coaches, thank you for guiding me throughout my high school journey. Mr. List, thank you for always being here, sharing your wisdom and sarcasm and helping me grow as a writer and a person. It feels bittersweet and I’ll miss it, but I wish the new staff good luck!