Quarantine things to do

While an unprecedented break from school and the subsequent smaller workload were exciting, there’s only so much Netflix one can binge and Tik Tok one can consume. The truth is, this stay-at-home summer might be going from great to downright terrible. Sooner or later, you’ll be begging for something to do with all this time you have on your hands. Fear not, for there are always plenty of productive things you can do with your time

Organize a (Virtual) Movie Night/Party

Although it’s not the same as seeing your friends in-person, it’s better than the same small talk day after day with the same few people in your household. Chances are, your friends are probably looking for an escape from this “Groundhog’s Day” simulation we’re all currently living in. It definitely provides a more social and lively environment compared to watching movies by yourself.


It’s rather straightforward. Contact some close friends about a meetup, create a list of movies and shows that people are interested in watching, cast votes on what’s going to be played, figure out who’s responsible for streaming the entertainment and choose one of the many free applications available for video-chatting (e.g. Zoom, Netflix Party, Houseparty). To make things more authentic, there are plenty of TikTok videos you can refer to when setting up a DIY movie theater setting at home, from fake tickets to setting up a concession stand. If all goes well, this one-time virtual gathering can very well turn into a weekly meet-up. After all, everybody’s only a text message and a video call away. 

Listen To A Podcast

Even though it’s not as visually satisfying, podcasts are making a comeback. The length and the large file sizes aside, podcasts are a great way to educate yourself on a new topic, unwind with some laughs and learn the ideals of your favorite celebrity role models.  There is something for everyone when it comes to podcasts, from comedy podcasts like “Dear Hank and John” that answer absurd questions by replacing your confusion with existential crisis, to your favorite Youtuber discussing their love lives. There’s never a dull moment in the world of verbal entertainment. 

If you’re still not sure as to what you’re looking for, finding a suitable podcast is now easier than ever. Google Podcast, Spotify, and Apple Podcast are some of the easiest ways to gain access to these audio files. They are accessible both via the Internet and mobile applications, should you choose to listen on your phone. Not to mention, podcasts enable you to absorb content that can be applicable to your daily life while completing other tasks at hand- which can’t be said for other forms of entertainment. 

Volunteer From a Distance

Unfortunately visiting public spaces is frowned upon and has put a pause on volunteer work requiring in-person meetings. However, in the midst of a global pandemic people need help now more than ever.

From assembling care kits for the homeless to making masks for front-line workers, there are plenty of ways that you can help people in need. Another option is to go online to sites like Volunteermatch.org to help you find the perfect volunteer gig for you.  If you’re worried about spending money, don’t worry about shipping costs and supplies; just work with what you have and shipping costs will already have been taken care of. All that’s left for you to do is put in the time and effort to send your work off to someone in need.