Out of this world with “Eternal Atake”

On March 6, Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert dropped “Eternal Atake”; if  that wasn’t good enough, a week later, Uzi dropped a deluxe version, “LUV vs. The World 2.” That essentially added another album to “Eternal Atake” for an enormous 32 tracks. 

After listening to both albums, it’s safe to say that Uzi definitely has delivered with these two releases, leaving me with flashbacks to the golden age of trap back in 2016.

“Eternal Atake” sports the idea of an outerworld album with space-like features. One of the most highly anticipated rap albums in the past years, “Eternal Atake” was delayed due to label complications, leaks, legal issues and more. Despite these setbacks, Uzi has remained unique as a rapper, with his melodies and style prevalent throughout the entire album for the most part, with a little bit of deviation in some tracks.

Beginning with “Baby Pluto,” the track opens with a futuristic and robotic “welcome to Eternal Atake” followed by Uzi rapping in a monotone and bragging manner. A nod to the overarching theme of the album and trap songs in general, Uzi raps about his success that has propelled him to a higher level in life, whether it be getting money or fame.

For me, the latter half of the album is slightly better. Songs like “POP” and “You Better Move” have an overly repetitive and annoying choruses that immediately turned me off. The second half has more songs that I enjoy, such as “Chrome Heart Tags” and “Venetia,” with  uptempo beats and catchy melodies.

Yet some songs suffer from a lack of bass. A good trap song needs to have a sufficient level of bass to enhance the song. 

While Uzi songs are alike in the idea they follow, containing a catchy beat, a bragging Uzi and signature melodies, it’s Uzi’s melodies that sets him apart from other rappers. This is clearly seen in “P2.” With Uzi’s melodic rapping in addition to riding off a slightly changed “XO Tour Llif3” beat, “P2” easily becomes a great track on the album.

I enjoyed “LUV vs. The World 2” more compared to “Eternal Atake.” Even so, the deluxe struggles with the same problem as the first collection of songs. Many songs need deeper bass in order to reach that next level of enjoyment. “Lotus,” “Wassup” and “Trap This Way (This Way)” are prime examples not having a strong enough bass.

“Yessirskiii” is what all the songs that lack bass could have been: amazing. With producer Pi’erre Bourne on the track, “Yessirskiii” stands as one of the best songs on the entire deluxe. The monotone yet mesmerizing rapping of featured artist 21 Savage perfectly complements the deep bass and catchy beat. Factoring in Uzi’s upbeat and fun tone makes this track an easy add to my playlist. 

Although it took three years to come out, “Eternal Atake” and “LUV vs. The World 2” most definitely make up for the lack of Uzi music in the past few years. Uzi’s goal of making 2020 the new 2016 was not a joke and I’ll be bumping these albums for a while.