Offering up early sales

Who said Black Friday actually needs to begin in November? Due to the pandemic, a variety of stores have begun their Black Friday sales earlier; let’s see what they have to offer:


From earphones to television sets, Target started its Black Friday sales on Oct. 29, where customers had  the option to purchase  items online as well as in person. The company also plans on offering more Black Friday deals on items such as clothing and accessories throughout the month prior to Nov. 27. It has even extended its 14-day price match guarantee from Nov. 1 to Dec. 24 in order for shoppers to have more time to ask for a price adjustment on a Black Friday product. 


The lower prices on the electronics seem reasonable, but one  item that caught my eye on Target’s website was Bose’s noise-canceling earbuds being sold at $39.99 as opposed to the original price of $69.99. This is  a definite steal for someone like me who can’t work to background noise. However, since the only available sales are on electronics, I’d recommend shopping at Target for its Black Friday deals later in the month when more items such as clothing are also available for purchase. 

Best Buy

As opposed to other retailers, Best Buy has a schedule outlining their deals on their electronics. It started its Black Friday on Oct. 13, and although only Best Buy Members can start purchasing more Black Friday products on Nov. 16, nearly all Black Friday sales are going to be available to customers on Nov. 22. On its website, Best Buy has featured Black Friday deals, where items are sold at a considerably cheaper price. For example, a video game for Nintendo Switch–Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle–is selling for $14.99 instead of the original price of $59.99, which is well worth the price  for a game you can play time and time again.

For those who choose to shop online, Best Buy will have the products ready for curbside pickup within an hour. They also offer in-store shopping, with face masks required while maintaining social distancing. After Black Friday, they have a cyber deal kickoff on Nov. 28, which will also offer deals on their products the Monday after Thanksgiving. Because of the lower prices on a variety of their electronics, I’d say Best Buy is definitely worth checking out for Black Friday throughout the month of November. 

Christy Dawn

If you don’t want to give your money to big corporations, this ethical and sustainable brand is perfect for you. Although Christy Dawn offers clothing such as skirts and overalls, only their masks are on sale for 50 percent off their original price. The sale started on Oct. 13, and even though the website doesn’t specify when it will end, only some shops are ending their sales on Nov. 28 at the earliest.

 A five-pack of Christy Dawn’s deadstock cotton masks are available for $25 dollars, with its original price being $50.  The masks come in a variety of colors and patterns, from dainty florals to understated taupe stripes. Christy Dawn only accepts online orders. While I normally wouldn’t recommend shopping at a store that only offers deals for a small fraction of their products, paying a cheap price for a sustainable and ethically-made product is definitely appealing and a better way to spend your money. 


This brand is known for its vegan and cruelty-free formulas, and in light of Black Friday, they’re having sales up to 50 percent off on beauty products. Boscia’s Black Friday discounts started in late October and will most likely end on the first day of December as that’s what the company did last year.

On their website, there is a charcoal mask for $4, marked down from $8, and a jelly ball cleanser for $7 instead of the original price of $20, which I would say are both really good deals. Similarly to Christy Dawn, they aren’t accepting in-store purchases. While boscia’s Black Friday products are available on Macy’s and Nordstrom websites, better deals are available on boscia’s actual site. Not only would you be receiving better deals, but directly supporting boscia’s company, which are both definite benefits. Due to its inexpensive prices and ethical beauty formulas, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at boscia for its Black Friday deals.

Nasty Gal

As a UK clothing brand, Nasty Gal’s pre-Black Friday sales are only available for purchase online. Everything but its boots, jackets and coats are 50 percent off, and its sales will continue until Cyber Monday. Although some items still may seem a little pricey, I’d recommend looking for bolder pieces that you’d have a harder time finding somewhere else in order to maximize the number of trendy pieces you purchase.

For example, NastyGal offers a two-piece set for the discounted price of $22.50 on its site, which I’d say is worth it since you’d get to style the two pieces separately with a lot of outfits. A $7 crocodile patterned belt is also available for purchase, which is a unique accessory for a cheaper price. As of early November, NastyGal has increased their 50 percent sales to 60 percent off on every piece of apparel. As their Black Friday sales continue, NastyGal is a brand that I’d recommend glancing through for its colorful and bold clothing.