New officers shift focus to digital events

 Rather than adorning pillars and gates across campus with colorful campaign posters, Diamond Bar High School class officer-hopefuls decorated Instagram pages with digital flyers and witty campaign videos this year.

Elections were held this September and despite the challenges of campaigning online, the new officers have been chosen and are already at work on various class-wide quarantine events to create a respite from the monotony of distance learning.

“At first it was hard to think of campaign[s] online, since it’s harder to reach out to people. During campaign week though, I found that in some ways it was less stressful,” sophomore class president Michelle Chan said via Instagram.

Chan said she felt certain that her peers knew that she would prioritize them. She also interacted with students through online challenges on her Instagram.

Senior class president Daniel Min said running for class president in his freshman year was the most significant risk he has taken in his life so far. A few years later, he obtained his position with no opposition.

“I honestly had really unrealistic goals when I first ran because I had no idea what it entailed but then as it came me I just wanted to make sure that our class was the best and had the best activities going for them by fundraising, hyping up the rallies, and bonding of class activities,” Min said via Instagram.

Like Min, junior class president Akash George ran unopposed. He said his primary goal right now is to make distance learning a more enjoyable experience for his peers.

“We are currently planning a couple of events. One in the works rights now is a Kahoot with a cash prize,” George said via Instagram.

Aside from coordinating fun virtual events, the new officers are looking at issues regarding Brahmas’ social and emotional wellness presented by the pandemic. Freshman class president Justin Kung said he wants to tackle these problems alongside his fellow class officers.

“I hope to [help] my fellow peers establish better and closer connections with one another and the school staff and helping out the community by raising donations for victims of COVID-19 through various activities,” Kung said via Instagram.

Freshman social chairperson Joy Ahn plans to schedule a Zoom meeting that would promote connection with peers through online games and other activities.

“It’ll definitely be a difficult task to come up with fun and creative ideas and activities for the class, but with my other officers and advisors’ help, it’s [something] that is within our reach,” Ahn said.