How to stay productive during quarantine

With schools across the state closing for the year and outside activities being limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teens’ schedules have been disrupted. Usually busy with schoolwork and extracurriculars, students are unsure of what to do with all this idle time. Here are a few ways to have fun and maintain a routine while practicing social distancing.

Planning and maintaining a proper workout schedule

The outbreak has caused gyms to close temporarily. This has left those who rely on these establishments for their daily exercise at a loss, with many believing that they shouldn’t venture outdoors due to the government’s request that civilians practice social distancing. However, jogging or taking a walk is completely acceptable since it’s a way to obtain vitamin D and boost the immune system. Other than jogging, indoor workouts can be useful as well. Health and wellness based influencers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have recently released content that shows how they have adjusted to gym-closure, with many posting workout routines for their followers to pursue.

Cleaning your room

With so much free time on our hands, it’s finally time to put aside the excuses and tidy up our rooms. Although the activity in itself may not be enjoyable, the outcome is definitely worth it. Designing a mood board and getting inspiration for the desired layout of your room can also be helpful and provide a guide for where to place certain objects. A clean room can declutter your mind and is more refreshing than you think. Studies have shown that cleaner rooms also help improve sleep and can benefit you mentally, too.

Planning more self-care days

With nowhere to go during quarantine, students may be more susceptible to letting themselves go and forgetting about maintaining hygiene. Wearing a facemask, establishing a better skincare routine, switching from PJ’s to a normal outfit and doing your hair can all motivate you to get ready and get out of bed. Despite not seeing anyone other than your immediate family, it’s still important to take care of yourself as a way to help you feel rejuvenated.

Keep in touch with friends

Social distancing has left many of us missing physical interaction with our friends, and as a resort, most of us spend the majority of our days watching TV. Platforms like Houseparty, Netflixparty, The Rabbit and more can help liven up this somewhat dull activity. The aforementioned applications allow you to stream movies or shows with your friends. The apps share your screens so that you and your friends can watch movies simultaneously and/or see each other face-to-face while watching. This provides a great way to continue seeing your friends and making your movie marathon experience more enjoyable without bending the rules of social distancing.

Pursuing hobbies

Normally, high school students have little to no time to do activities they enjoy outside of school extracurriculars. Now, more than ever, students should take time to partake in pastimes they have always wanted to try. Some ideas for entertaining activities include painting, baking, practicing how to play a new instrument or learning how to speak a new language. Using this time to try something different can be a nice refresher to juxtapose one’s regular routine.