Health benefits of celery juice

Since the beginning of our self-isolation period, the topic of maintaining both health and wellbeing has been discussed endlessly. What follows, here and in future columns, is what I hope will be a helpful source for maintaining a more wholesome and healthy lifestyle.  

Celery juicing has become an incredibly popular self-care practice across social media with health experts such as medical medium Anthony William and holistic health coach Emily Ryu preaching about its outcomes.  Juicing celery is an easy way to get the nutrients of the plant without having to consume its pulp. 

Many have claimed that some of the benefits of drinking the freshly extracted liquid include optimal digestion, high doses of micronutrients and phytochemicals, a boost in your immune system, weight loss, reduced risk of cancer, reduced inflammation and clear, glowing skin. Celery juice has also been used by people with cases of psoriasis, a severe skin condition where skin cells build up and form dry scaly patches, to clear those breakouts and treat the red inflamed skin.

I started juicing a month ago out of desperation to clear my acne-ridden skin in time for a small family gathering I would have to attend in two weeks. Celery juice is available cold pressed in juice shops such as Sustain and Nekter Juice Bar, however if you want to incorporate juicing into your lifestyle, it is much cheaper to buy a $40 juicer and make the drink at home, which is what I do.  Experts suggest that to reap the majority of the benefits you must consume at least 16 ounces every day and on an empty stomach.

At first, I was incredibly repulsed by the idea of drinking a full glass of celery juice, so to ease myself into the habit I started out by drinking only a mere 5 ounces. After about two days of this and familiarizing my taste buds with the eccentric smell and taste, I increased my daily consumption to 10 ounces. As a side note, if you find the taste of celery juice unappealing by itself, you can also add a bit of apple when you juice to add a touch of sweetness to the beverage. As you get into the habit of drinking it, you can slowly remove the apple juice to then drink only pure celery juice.

By the end of the week, I had gotten into the flow of things and was chugging down 20 ounces with perpetual ease. I found I was no longer put off by the taste and instead associated the flavor with the feeling of cleansing my inner systems. Celery juice became something of a daily medicine that I took every day to cleanse my body of toxins and to rid myself of fatigue.

Besides feeling energized and purified, I found my skin was noticeably glowing and clear. In only a matter of a week, I was able to alleviate my drowsiness, stop feeling nasty and gross and also cleared the stubborn pimples on my face. 

By maintaining this routine, I found that all of these benefits I was experiencing never faded, even three weeks after I had begun. Now, my body still feels cleansed, healthy, lively and my skin still radiates that clear glow.

Celery juice isn’t just some fad trend that celebrities have tricked us into trying. It’s a  method that many swear will  boost your health, relieve your body of exhaustion and leave your skin acne-free. I truly am so glad that I started. 

While I cannot guarantee that every participant will receive the same outcomes that I did, I do know that celery juice has lifted some of the biggest insecurities and burdens of my life, as it has for thousands of other people. So don’t be afraid to try it out, you can thank me later.