Girls Give To Community

As one the first clubs to be formed when Diamond Bar High School opened, Girls’ League has been giving back to the local community and promoting female friendships for the last 38 years.

“We passionately work to make the world a better place one charitable and kind act at a time,” president Hannah Zhou said via iMessages. “We also want our members to have fun and be able to enjoy themselves, which is why we have holiday parties to promote club unity.”

Due to COVID, Girls’ League was unable to raise money from selling items at school. Despite this inconvenience, the club instead hosted a 5k fundraiser throughout October to raise money for breast cancer research. 

“[Our advisor] Mrs. [Lisa] Pacheco, who is in a couple of other service clubs, mentioned how one of her clubs had hosted a 5k fundraiser,” Zhou said. “Her positive experience inspired us to hold our own.”

There was a minimum $10 donation registration for the event; the proceeds were directly donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Those who donated were also entered into a raffle, with a chance of winning a Halloween basket with candy, toys and other treats. With 84 donors, they managed to exceed expectations and raise $2,700 using GoFundMe. 

In previous years, they have raised money to help abused children by donating their funds to Orangewood Children’s Home in Santa Ana, raised money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and donated dog toys and dog beds to an animal shelter in Ontario.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting too much engagement since our numbers have dropped, but I was pleasantly surprised by everyone who participated in our events,” Zhou said.

In their upcoming event, Girls’ League plans on donating food to help families enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Members will donate foods such as canned corn or gravy to feed families in need on Thanksgiving Day. They also plan on collaborating with other clubs including Interact Club in future events.

During distance learning, they have been communicating with their 40 members through monthly general meetings over Zoom and by using Remind. Members are also invited to stay behind after the meeting and socialize with officers.

“I think our club this year will try to interact with all the members and collect donations for various people,” vice president Haley Kim said via Instagram. “The goal for this year is to help people as much as possible.”