DBHS athletes prepare for games

While fall sports were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, coaches at Diamond Bar High School are working toward finding a safe and productive way for student athletes to start practicing at school. 

Though fall sports are not practicing in person, athletes are holding meetings through Zoom during the sixth period. 

Athletic director Albert Lim has been hosting Zoom calls with his sixth period athletic conditioning class. During this time, Lim talks with the athletes about exercise, mental health and transitioning back into high school sports. 

Lim said that the official plan is that all sports will be pushed back, but athletes should  prepare in the meantime. 

“The plan to resume sports is based on meeting the local and state health guidelines. When given the green light the students will be able to return,” volleyball coach Lauren Adnoff said via email. “Safety and health precautions are currently being discussed.”

One new guideline following the COVID-19 situation is that volleyball players must wear face masks during their games. This is intended to prevent the transmission of the virus between players on the court. 

This change is for the best because it is all about health and safety for everyone involved, “ Adnoff said via email. 

Adnoff said she remains positive about the situation and said that she is still providing  workouts to her players in order to prepare for their upcoming season. 

“Volleyball student athletes are a part of athletic conditioning during class time. There are also home workouts, volleyball specific workouts/tips, and some other materials available for the student athletes on the Volleyball athletics page,“ Adnoff said. 

A majority of the athletes say that they have spent time working out or practicing specifically for their sport during the school closure. 

“They have been putting out optional workout videos and [we] do two check-in zoom calls twice a month,” said sophomore Makayla Struble, who is on the volleyball team. “They said we might have games in December so I’m hoping to have games by January.”  

Volleyball players are currently in Lim’s sixth period athletic conditioning class, along with girls and boys water polo and soccer. 

Our coaches are doing a great job about keeping us informed about returning home on campus for practices,” said sophomore Ingrid Gonzalez, a water polo player. “As of right now, they are planning on putting precautionary measures in place to go back as soon as October.” 

Athletes have been told by Lim that they can expect to return to campus for practices as soon as October. 

“They are urging us to practice at home and do our drills. Along with practicing our movements and exercising to build up strength,” water polo player Nichole Arancibia said. 

Overall, athletes are eager to return to the field, pool, or court. 

“I hope that we get the chance to play this year,” Gonzalez said.