CAPA donates for distance learning

In order  to better provide for pupils during distance learning and ensure the safety of those on campus with personal protective equipment, Diamond Bar High School recently received a donation of $30,000 from the Chinese American Parents Association. 

This donation, made on Oct. 22, differs from the contributions made in previous years: CAPA has doubled their usual annual sum of $15,000 to assist the school in dealing with unprecedented issues caused by the pandemic. 

“CAPA understands the difficulty for schools to receive funds from parent groups this year due to Covid 19. That’s why we try our best to generate more donations to help,” CAPA President Cindy Huang said via email. “The amount of $30,000 is a special requested by the school during this difficult time.” 

A majority of the money comes  from fundraising held every year over summer break. In addition to these fundraisers, CAPA also receives funding from sponsors and through membership fees. Donations from benefactors, which are often learning institutions unaffiliated with DBHS, as well as the $25-per-household fee from parents involved in the organization are what allow the group to make charitable donations such as this. 

Not limiting themselves to just financial aid, CAPA has also gifted the school with over 4,000 items of personal protective equipment through help from parents and a collaboration with the Care Mission Foundation. 

“CAPA has made two phases of PPE Donation to DBHS so far,” Huang said. “The main purpose is to help the school get ready for [when] campus [is] reopened!” 

In a video expressing gratitude for the recent donation, DBHS Principal Reuben Jones said that he plans to put the money toward document cameras and licenses for online tools during distance learning. Allocating funds toward widening the berth of virtual tools available, such as the new year-long contract with Kahoot! Premium+, should enable teachers to increase class engagement. 

Despite having already made such large contributions to the community, CAPA continues to seek opportunities to provide assistance for those in need with the hope of creating  a positive impact on others. 

“In this special moment, how to establish positive values ​​are very important to teach our kids,” Huang said. “Many parents have donated materials and also provide a lot of information for each other to remind each other to keep healthy and safe at home. That really keeps us moving forward as a group.”