Bracelets that make a difference


In an effort to fight against the rising number of COVID-19 cases and to support social movements, two Diamond Bar High School groups have taken up bracelet weaving.

Making with Meaning is a charity project founded by DBHS senior Joyce Hong. who came up with the idea in order to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 relief. The project, launched on July 1, has so far raised over $400 for multiple charities including Color of Change, Women for Political Change, NAACP, American Red Cross and Direct Relief. 

“By handcrafting bracelets, my goal is to bring people together while helping my community in a time of crisis,” Hong said via Instagram. “I want to raise awareness about the fight against racism as well as help provide supplies that essential workers are currently lacking.”

Each bracelet is woven using colorful waxed strings by either Hong, her sister or fellow senior Keiren Yu and can take up to an hour to make. All proceeds from the project are donated, and the bracelets’ cost ranges from $5 to $7. 

Making with Meaning has an Instagram page promoting the bracelets and a link to a Google Form where customers can submit their orders. Hong has multiple collections with a different array of colors. The collections include several bracelets each with a different name such as “Jolly Playground,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Flower Fields.” 

Project Pulsera is a similar operation founded by juniors Ashley Moon and Keolani Rice. Project Pulsera also makes handmade bracelets and all the proceeds are donated to hospitals to help battle COVID-19. 

“Our goal is to handmake and sell these bracelets to help support health care workers who are sacrificing everything on the front lines,” Rice said. “The least we can do is donate and follow CDC guidelines to help ease the pressure that is put upon them.”

Since the idea for the project was conceived in June, they have raised around $400. Two rounds of donations were made with the first going to the UCI Medical Center and the second to St. Jude Medical center. Rica and Moon hope to raise $200 to $300 to donate to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for their third round of donations. 

The bracelets cost from $5 to $7 depending on the designs. Project Pulsera has an Instagram page with pictures of the bracelets, fliers and a Google Form for customers to make orders. Project Pulsera currently has 21 members who help with bracelet production and they have collaborated with other clubs such as Key Club and Project Aniketos. 

“The bracelets take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the design,” Moon said, “We have a group of committed and hardworking individuals who volunteer to help work towards this greater cause.”