A five step guide to skincare

As much as I care about academics, appearance and body insecurities always loom in  the back of my head. For me, skincare is something that gives me confidence, even if it’s just a little . After multiple trial and errors along with numerous self discoveries, these products have truly made the biggest changes to my skin and confidence. 


Opening and cleansing the pores, face wash is the first step in my skin-care routine, preparing the skin for any further products. The Moistfull Collagen product line from Etude House has been perfect for my oily skin, especially the areas around my nose and chin. Averaging around $8 on the brand’s website, the cleansing foam may be slightly tightening in the beginning but is made up for by its long-term changes. Within a month of using the product, my original dark spots had immensely cleared up and left my skin feeling smoother and less scarred. 


Although it is pricey, moisturizing and rejuvenating qualities of the Essence Toner from the Moistfull Collagen makes it worth the price-point. Made from a combination of natural oils and collagen water, the product is extremely light and delicate, staying on until the next application. As a badminton player, the toner is especially important to me since it rids the leftover dirt and birdie feathers from my skin, making up for anything the cleanser left out. Its smooth and moist consistency balances the dehydrating effect of the cleansing foam, justifying the $15 price.


Lotion is the most beneficial and important part of the process, and its hydrating properties of the daytime cream moisturizes any of the leftover dryness from the cleansing foam and toner. Light with a smooth application and flowery scent, the Emulsion cream from the Moistfull Collagen line keeps the skin hydrated despite the dry weather of California. Filled with small particles of the line’s special Super Collagen water, the product provides a balanced level of firmness and hydration, even for someone with my skin type. Despite its online price being $18, the Emulsion cream provides the perfect summation of the hydration process. 


Due to the problematic amount of blackheads I have, Etude House’s Lemon Soda Blackhead Out Stick is one of my most essential products. With its citrus scent and sandy texture, the product when used in the shower helps exfoliate and clean any remaining blackheads. Unlike the other recommended products, applying the product once a week accomplishes the job of removing a good amount of blackheads. Though the product may no longer be sold on the brand’s website, it can still be purchased through Amazon for $11.


With the endless amount of late nighters, eye bags remain one of my biggest skin insecurities. After using the White Dew Intensive Eye Mask by Laniege, however, they have changed drastically for the better. One of the largest skin-care companies, Laniege is recommended by dermatologists and creates a variety of formulas catering to varying skin types. This specific product, however, is one of my highest recommendations. Prior to my weekly appliance, the dark circles around my eyes seemed to be constantly growing darker. However, after a month of using the product, the mask brightened the skin around my eye and made the dark circles less apparent. Though it’s the most expensive product on the recommendations list at $20, its recuperation techniques to the area around the eyes makes it definitely worth it.